Shea Butter – Ingredient of the Week

Shea Butter

What is shea butter?
Shea butter comes from the nuts of the fruit on the African Shea Tree.  The trees grow green fruit that the nuts are removed from.  The nuts go through a lengthy process of cracking, roasting, grinding, boiling and then cooling.  When the shea butter cools it becomes creamy and white in color.  Shea butter is mainly used in skin and hair care products.  The name used on ingredient listings for shea butter is Butyrospermum Parkii.

What are the benefits for your skin when using shea butter?
This ingredient is an emollient moisturizer that helps correct dehydration and dryness while protecting the skin’s natural moisture balance.  The butter is an antioxidant rich ingredient with vitamins A and E.  Shea butter also has essential fatty acids; oleic, stearic, palmitic and linoleic.  Essential fatty acids are good for elasticity, collagen and hydration for skin as it ages.

Why did we select it to be used in Apothederm Skin Care products?
Shea butter is an important ingredient for products for sensitive and dry skin.  It provides moisture to dry, cracked skin and can help hydrate and soothe sensitive skin.

Apothederm Skin Care products with shea butter:


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