How to Read Product Labels

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Do the symbols on skin care labels look familiar to you?  Do you know what they mean and why there are there?  In recent years, companies have been adding symbols to skin care products to help the consumer.  But they can be confusing sometimes if you are not familiar with them or cannot see them from being printed too small on the label.

We saw a segment on the Today Show that took the audience through reading ingredient labels of skin care products and thought it was too good to not share with you.  Here is a link to the segment where they go through products and look at labels.

This is an infographic that is easy to review what was covered in the TODAY show segment on how to read product labels.

Label Icon Definitions -  1-16

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If you still have questions regarding product labeling, feel free to contact our customer service (toll free at 877-496-0038) and we can help answer your questions.  Or just click on the Live Chat and someone can help you as well.

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