Topic of the Week: Pantone Colors for Spring Make-up

Topic of the Week: Pantone Colors for Spring Makeup

shutterstock_144803932The eagerly awaited Colors of the Year from the Pantone Color Report for Spring/Summer 2016 were just announced: a pastel duo Rose Quartz and Serenity! The other shades of the Pantone trend report will play an important part as well – not only in the fields of living and fashion, but also when it comes to hot make-up looks. beautypress presents the most beautiful shades of the Pantone Color Report.

Beautiful in Blue
Deep as the sea: Snorkel Blue is a fascinating, bright blue shade, whose name already takes us to a far-away island paradise. The strong color is doing well as a curved eyelid line or on the nails. The exotic, turquoise blue Limpet Shell gives casual beach outfits a fresh color and sets thrilling highlights. The unique color Serenity, by contrast, which was honored to be one of the Colors of the Year for a reason, it is a bit softer: with its mixture of pastel-like blue and elegant violet, it is easeful and soft and at the same time, the shade is exceptionally fascinating that arouses curiosity. Serenity is already becoming the upcoming season’s top wedding color. In addition to Serenity, there is a coffee brown Iced Coffee, the most neutral shade of the report. There is also a cool silver or the smoky Lilac Grey which invite us to experiment and create fascinating, grey blue smoky eyes.

Seeing things through rose-colored glasses
Alongside the numerous cold blue shades, you’ll see warm red and rose shades in the Color Report. Rose Quartz, which is the second Color of the Year, is making the hearts of romantics beat faster. The easeful shade that reminds us of delicate spring blossoms, suits very well on fair skin types, and gives the cheeks a rosy freshness as a blush, or a touch of color to the lips. And in case bold pastel-colored hair will still be in vogue the next season, the particularly brave can give a new hair color en rose a try! Fruitier and a little stronger is the peach pink shade Peach Echo, which can be combined with a smoky eye shadow in Lilac Grey. Tanned skin tones set the right shade with Peach Echo! Once temperatures start to rise in summer, Fiesta is on the agenda: Not only in terms of beach parties and cocktail happy hours but also as a Pantone Color! As the name already implies, the bright and fiery red shade contrasts with most of the shades of the Pantone palettes’ rather easeful colors – Of course, it’s a perfect lipstick color, too!

Courage for Color!
The red/rose and blue shades of the trend report are the perfect fit for beauty: With a pale blue eye shadow, rosy blush or a red lipstick, most of us will be in the right place. The sun yellow Buttercup and the fresh, lush Green Flash are a bit more unusual. These shades may be kind of a challenge when it comes to makeup, especially for those who have fair skin, but both colors will set great highlights on the nails.

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