Topic of the Week: Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine


It is time to spring clean our drawers.  We are now in the swing of spring and as the winter months are behind us it is time to accept that the spring season is here to shower us with some sun. The spring season is looked at as a renewal time for not only nature but personally as well. The term “spring clean” resonates with us all as spring is the time to pack away all of our heavy winter coats and clean our homes from top to bottom as the season of renewal breezes right on through.

As beauty lovers, we know not only to update our skincare regimens to adapt to the seasons, but we also don’t forget to give our collection of beauty products the proper spring cleaning it deserves.

If you have any face washes or scrubs that are near 9 months old it’s time to throw them to the trash. Old eyeliners? Don’t risk infecting your eye as a new season approaches, toss them. Keeping old products not only clutters your space, but also keeps you from using the most effective products you own.

Read up on the biggest spring trends and update your beauty products to match your favorite spring looks. Pastels, light colors are always in for the spring season. Assess what you own already in your beauty collection and make slight additions.

Update your skincare routine as well to protect your skin from the upcoming elements! As spring approaches it’s time for a lighter face cream, especially one with SPF to protect from the suns damaging rays. As it gets warmer out and skin tends to create more oil maybe reaching for a mattifying toner is a necessary adjustment to make.

Review your product drawers and shelves in your bathroom and find time to add them to your spring clean list.  Are they cluttered?  Did a product spill and is leaving remnants?  Clear the drawer or shelf of any products and wipe it down to remove dust or product.  Use organizers or trays to help keep products in order and looking tidy.


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