How Frequently Should You Exfoliate Your Skin?

Most of us who are in any way familiar with proper skincare know how important it is to exfoliate. Experts generally agree that among the many benefits of exfoliating the skin is that it:   Minimizes pore size Reduces breakouts and acne Facilitates the absorption of other products into the skin Evens out skin tone Thus, experts are in general … Read More >

January-17-2017 by Kelly

Topic of the Week: Tips for Flawless Skin

acne treatment

Tips for Flawless Skin It’s a dream for most of us but only very few have it by nature: flawless skin. Indeed, redness, blemishes, pigmented spots and other impurities ruin the magic of perfect skin. Not only is required to take special care but also to wear the proper make up! beautypress lets you know how to just fade away … Read More >

December-27-2016 by Kelly

Gift Someone an Apothederm Holiday Firming Duo

Just in time for the holidays, Apothederm has added a Holiday Firming Duo to entice you. With the New Year approaching, why not provide friends and family with Apothederm Skin Care? Give the gift of firmer skin this holiday season & your friends will thank you. Apothederm® Firming Serum & Firming Neck Cream attack aging as its core with the power of SmartPeptides® … Read More >

November-02-2016 by Kelly

Summer Essentials – Our Summer Must Haves

The summer is long from over. As we are enjoying the weather and activities that come with this season, we wanted to list our summer essentials and must haves here for our readers. Summer usually means sunny skies and warm weather especially in the northwest.  With the temperatures rising, pool floats have become very popular.  From flamingos and swans to donuts and … Read More >

July-28-2016 by Kelly

Tips for Summer Hair Without the Frizz

Frizz can be a nuisance when it comes to hair.  Summer brings on a myriad of experiences and memories that many enjoy.  Whenever there is a change in seasons, there is also a span of time where the humidity is higher or precipitation is heavier that can lead to frizzy, unmanageable hair. Beauty Tip:  Taming frizzy hair from high humidity, … Read More >

July-13-2016 by Kelly

Topic of the Week – Summer Beauty

Summer is coming and here are our summer beauty tips. Brilliant sunshine paired with ice cream, tiramisu, or iced coffee: there are many reasons to rejoice the summer. beautypress explains what our hair and skin are longing for during summer season. Cleansing is a must! Not only does the climactic change effect our skin, but also the differing productivity of … Read More >

June-15-2016 by Kelly

Topic of the Week: Pantone Colors for Spring Make-up

Topic of the Week: Pantone Colors for Spring Makeup The eagerly awaited Colors of the Year from the Pantone Color Report for Spring/Summer 2016 were just announced: a pastel duo Rose Quartz and Serenity! The other shades of the Pantone trend report will play an important part as well – not only in the fields of living and fashion, but … Read More >

May-06-2016 by Kelly