Yoga Must Haves and Essentials for Beginners and Beyond

Yoga must haves and essentials for beginners and beyond. Yoga can be very relaxing and a great way to help increase flexibility and strength.   It will depend on what type of class you are attending whether it is hatha, vinyasa, bikram or other options can define what you need.  We recommend trying different classes to locate one that works for you … Read More >

July-29-2016 by Kelly

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

With wedding season in full swing a frequent question is what to wear to a summer wedding? Here is a collaboration of some of our favorite dresses to wear to a summer wedding.  We opted for peach, purple and blue tones to be different and stay away from the traditional little black dress that we wore all winter long.  All … Read More >

July-06-2016 by Kelly

New Mom Must Haves for Summer

Are you a new mom? Did you have a baby this spring or winter?  Here are some new mom must haves for looking and feeling your best this summer. Let summer be your best season yet with your baby in tow.  Select items that are on-the-go easy like a pair of pants that stretch and low wedges for good ankle … Read More >

June-17-2016 by Kelly

What to Wear – Awards Season is Here

For some of us a red carpet party is celebration that we look forward to and plan ahead for.  We may not be on the red carpet, nominated for an award or attending the after parties but we are still the fans that believe that we somehow help them get there.  Many of us have watched  awards shows since we … Read More >

January-08-2016 by Kelly

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we will say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in the new year.  Are you going out for New Year’s Eve on the town or to a party?  The best way to ring in the new year is to feel good about yourself and what you are wearing. The basic piece of clothing to … Read More >

December-26-2015 by Kelly

New Year’s Coat in Winter Grey

Winter begins today and having a coat is a necessity for most of us in the winter months.   If you are thinking of updating your coat closet, the latest trend is showing grey winter coats as the next fashion staple.  As we look to the New Year, and at our closet, we are putting together a vision board of what … Read More >

December-22-2015 by Kelly

Winter Workout Clothes – Our Favorites

The winter season is upon us and as we look towards brighter, warmer seasons we are reminded that we need to stay fit and keep moving during the winter months.  Sometimes inspiration, focus and commitment can solidify by changing up workout gear.  The winter months are typically colder and darker in many areas and that can cause us to slow … Read More >

December-11-2015 by Kelly

Scandal: Love the show, now wear the clothes

scandal limited

Each season there are shows that delight each of us in our own way. Whether you like zombies, reality, suspense, comedy or drama, the new fall lineups bring new shows and the answers to shows that were on hiatus over the summer.  One show that our office talks nonstop about is Scandal on ABC and how we love Olivia Pope, … Read More >

September-17-2014 by Kelly