Fall Reads to Cozy Up With


Fall is reminiscent of autumn leaves, brisk mornings, apples and pumpkin spiced lattes. School, football games and good books also come to mind.  Are you looking for a list of fall reads to cozy up with this weekend?  Our staff has combed the top book review sites and have selected an array of books that look intriguing and will be added … Read More >

September-16-2016 by Kelly

My Life as an Intern at a Skin Care Company


My life as an intern at a skin care company I am from Japan and studying abroad in the Pacific Northwest.  During this summer, I have been working at Apothederm Skin Care in Bothell, Washington.  I was introduced to this company from my course at Bellevue College.  I want to share my experience with you of my life as an … Read More >

August-31-2016 by Kelly

Summer Essentials – Our Summer Must Haves


The summer is long from over. As we are enjoying the weather and activities that come with this season, we wanted to list our summer essentials and must haves here for our readers. Summer usually means sunny skies and warm weather especially in the northwest.  With the temperatures rising, pool floats have become very popular.  From flamingos and swans to donuts and … Read More >

July-28-2016 by Kelly

Spring Water: Nature’s Gift for Beautiful Skin


Spring Water: Nature’s Gift for Beautiful Skin Approximately three days without water is a serious threat to one’s survival, and when it comes to everyday wellness, doctors and beauty experts alike recommend water consumption to cleanse impurities in our bodies and hydrate the inner layers of our skin. Comprising 70% of the earth’s surface, water may be the most important … Read More >

May-09-2016 by Kelly

Kimberly Elise – a Celebrity Fan of Apothederm Skin Care


For more information about Kimberly Elise, visit her website. Kimberly is holding our Apothederm Brightening Cleanser that is a winning combination of cucumber, aloe and glycerin soothe and hydrate skin.  Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids help to refine skin and remove daily dirt and impurities.  Begin a fresh start to the day each time you use Apothederm® Brightening Cleanser. Brighten, … Read More >

May-09-2016 by Kelly

Topic of the Week: Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

FarmGirl Flowers Peony for President

More gifts ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day from BeautyPress. Not only is she governess, protector and comforter: a mother is a real super heroine! In May, we finally get the chance to say THANK YOU to the most important woman in our lives. Nevertheless, finding the perfect mother’s day gift can become quite a challenge… Hence, beautypress features a … Read More >

May-04-2016 by Kelly

Topic of the Week: Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine


It is time to spring clean our drawers.  We are now in the swing of spring and as the winter months are behind us it is time to accept that the spring season is here to shower us with some sun. The spring season is looked at as a renewal time for not only nature but personally as well. The term “spring … Read More >

May-04-2016 by Kelly

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

FarmGirl Flowers Peony for President

Mother’s Day is coming and will be here before we know it.  We were thinking about items that would celebrate mom and to make her feel as special as we think she is.  There are lots of price ranges that could fall into place here but most moms are looking for the thought and not necessarily the highest ticket item.  Here … Read More >

April-13-2016 by Kelly