How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


Along with the bloating, gas, cravings and nausea, stretch marks are one of the most dreaded side effects of pregnancy. Stretch marks are one of those things that take some of the joy of being pregnant away from expectant mothers. Notwithstanding the fact that the majority of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, they are not necessarily a fait accompli. … Read More >

September-14-2016 by Kelly

Tips for Fall and Skin Care Awareness Month


Fall skin care regimens are different than what to use during summer months.  September is Skin Care Awareness Month. What does that mean?  It is a month to focus on learning about new tips and tricks in skin care.   Here are daily reminders and tips to help increase your knowledge on skin care and transitioning from summer to fall months. … Read More >

September-13-2016 by Kelly

Six Things that Cause Dry Skin


Your skin is your body’s largest organ.  It encases you and alerts the world around you to your overall physical health.  Because this largest of the body’s organs sits outside of all of us protecting all of our other organs it is susceptible to constant assaults by man-made chemicals and the environment.  The results of these assaults can often be … Read More >

August-25-2016 by Kelly

Nightly Cleansing Skin Care Tips Before Bed

Young woman washing face with clean water

Nightly Cleansing Skin Care Tips Before Bed Guest Post By: Dr. Alan J. Parks, founder of Eastside Dermatology & DermWarehouse Some people may argue that breakfast is the most important time of the day, but in my opinion, equally important is your pre-sleep skincare routine. It’s very easy to be tired or lazy or just forgetful, but how you clean you skin at night … Read More >

August-24-2016 by Kelly

Stretch Marks and Weight Loss

stretch marks

One of the minor drawbacks to sudden weight loss is that it can sometimes result in unsightly stretch marks. However, this one minor drawback should not prevent anyone who needs to lose weight – and study show that this is most Americans – from doing so. There are many undeniable benefits to losing weight.  Doing so has been proven to … Read More >

August-17-2016 by Kelly

Topic of the Week – Summer Beauty


Summer is coming and here are our summer beauty tips. Brilliant sunshine paired with ice cream, tiramisu, or iced coffee: there are many reasons to rejoice the summer. beautypress explains what our hair and skin are longing for during summer season. Cleansing is a must! Not only does the climactic change effect our skin, but also the differing productivity of … Read More >

June-15-2016 by Kelly