Week 3 – Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier

        Week 3 of our #52weekchallenge is to wake up earlier.  Do you ever get the winter blues or wake up after a night of sleep and still feel groggy?  Some of this is just prioritizing sleep, if you can, and then making sure you getting the amount of hours your body requires.  Everyone is different on … Read More >

January-29-2016 by Kelly

Week 2 – Smile More Often

Week 2 of our#52weekchallenge is to Smile More Often. Have you ever had a bad day and then looked up and saw someone smiling at you out of the blue? You can change perspective and someone’s day with just a smile. Go ahead and try it. This week make an effort to smile more during the day. You’ll be amazed … Read More >

January-27-2016 by Kelly

Week 1 – Avoid Personal Vices

Week 1 of our 52 Week Challenge suggests trying to avoid personal vices. What does this mean? We all have vices.  A vice is defined in the dictionary as, “a bad habit”.  In life we develop a lot of habits that after thinking about them could be viewed a bad or something that we could avoid in an effort to … Read More >

January-14-2016 by Kelly

52 Week Challenge

WELCOME! Let us challenge you… Where: Located on Apothederm Skin Care and all our social pages.  Follow us! #52WEEKCHALLENGE When: Begins January 2016 What: Challenge yourself through the entire year to do something different each week all year long.  They may be big, small, hard or easy.  Weekly challenges will be posted on Fridays to prep for the following week. … Read More >

January-07-2016 by Kelly