Botox – What You Need to Know About it’s Dangers

The tell-tale signs of aging -fine lines and wrinkles – have for centuries been enough to send some people into a state of panic and desperation.  We’ve even shown on this blog some of the bizarre treatments people have tried for years to reverse these signs. Of the most bizarre and most popular treatments people have used for the past … Read More >

March-12-2017 by Kelly

How to Manage Exercise Stretch Marks

While stretch marks are all too familiar to those of us who gain weight rapidly, they also – ironically – pose a problem for those of us who are working to grow our muscles. Frequently, professional body builders and others who work intensely with weights are visited by those persistent purple stretch marks that begin to appear on biceps, triceps, … Read More >

March-10-2017 by Kelly

Pre and Post Weight Loss Skin Tightening Tips

stretch marks

There are countless benefits to shedding extra pounds for those of us who are overweight. Those benefits include a healthier heart, a lower chance of developing diabetes and certain cancers and even greater longevity. This is what all health professionals commonly tell their overweight patients and all this is true. However, the one drawback to losing a lot of weight … Read More >

March-06-2017 by Kelly

A better solution to stretch marks? Try the Power of Peptides!

Stretch Mark

Stretch marks can be trouble some and leave clients searching for a remedy.  Our advice is to try a stretch mark cream with peptides. Many people know in general what peptides are, but can you explain them to clients in terms they can understand? Peptides are chains of two or more amino acids. Naturally occurring in the body and vital … Read More >

February-24-2016 by Kelly

Apothederm on Good Things Utah

Good Things Utah

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream and Body Prep Scrub were featured on Good Things Utah as great ideas for Baby Shower Gifts.       See the link here: Video Clip:

November-13-2014 by Kelly

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream Featured on Joyus

Stretch Mark Cream

We came across a beautiful website called Joyus where an expert panel provides advice based on their research and knowledge.  The site is beautifully done with videos on each product. Here is a clip of what they had to say about Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream.  

April-21-2014 by Kelly