How Diet Affects Acne

When it comes to the search for an effective acne treatment, there is no one size fits all treatment.  A treatment that might work well for one person may not work well for another.  This is because just as the outbreak of acne can differ from person to person by severity and outbreak location, treatments can be designed to work best with different people.  Whether one has oily, dry or sensitive skin also determines which acne treatment may work best.  One thing that is sure, acne is greatly influence by several environmental factors including diet.  Here are some dietary factors that affect the outbreak of acne and ways to treat this embarrassing condition once it begins to show.

Sugar:  Consuming suSUGARgary foods spikes a person’s blood sugar and there is some evidence to suggest that this can bring about outbreaks of acne.  Try moderating your sugar intake if you notice acne outbreaks after eating foods high in refined sugar.

Junk food:  Junk foods can cause hormonal fluctuations and blood sugar levels to rise.  These factors have been known to greatly contribute to the outbreak832505-coconut-oil of acne.

Coconut oil:  Coconut oil contains comedogenic oil which can clog pores and cause inflammation. 

Cow’s milk:  A recent study has shown that cow’s milk can cause acne outbreaks possibly due to the spike in blood sugar that it causes.

Coffee:  Sorry coffee lovers but studies show that cortisol levels are evaluated after one drinks a cup of coffee. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can stimulate sebaceous glands and cause inflammation.

Foods that are known to give acne sufferers an advantage in fighting this condition include green tea (which includes powerful antioxidants), Probiotics, such as those that can be found in foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, dark chocolate and miso soup and oysters (due to their high zinc content).

Treating Acne

Once acne has appeared there are many ways of treating outbreaks depending on the severity and location of the scars/spots.  These methods range from collagen injections to laser resurfacing to Dermabrasion to Botox injections.  The least severe method of treating acne is to use of an acne cream.  Apothederm carries an Acne Clarifying CaldwellTreatment, a Brightening Cleanser, (6oz) and a Clarifying Toner, (6oz) that are designed to make acne nearly invisible.  Yes, these are dietary changes, along with other environmental factors that can greatly affect the outbreak and severity of acne.  Once acne has developed, sufferers have a variety of methods to treat this inconvenient skin condition.  A proper diet greatly influences acne outbreaks as it does most other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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