3 Common Habits that Cause Problems for Blemish Prone Skin

j04441521)     Touching your face!  We do it all the time without thinking, but with each touch, you increase germs and irritation as well as that uncontrollable temptation to pick – it’s a big no-no!

2)     Cell phone use– according to an article in wellandgoodnyc, it’s not the bacterial that is the problem, it is the “mechanical irritation” that causes perspiration and pore blockage leading to potential breakouts.  All the same, after a long call, it may be helpful to wash your face and while cleaning your cell phone may have some limitations, be sure to give it some attention in this area on a regular basis.  Jawline acne can be particularly bothersome to perimenopausal women.

3)     Sleeping in your make-up – just a bad idea!  Your skin needs time to breath and repair itself and the best approach is a good night-time cleansing followed with your treatment products such as retinols, Apothederm Firming Serum or Apothederm Bright Serum plus your eye treatment and moisturizer.  You’ll wake up with nurtured, radiant skin!