5 Tips to Avoid the Flu While Travelling

Being sick is never any thing to laugh at.  It is inconvenient when you are down and out with the flu, but it can be even worse when you are travelling and under the weather.  Missing the comforts of home and the items you have at home can make having the flu feel even worse.

Here are five tips to avoiding the flu while traveling.

  1. Pay attention to others and if they are spreading the flu. Avoid coughing and sneezing and people who look like they are not feeling well or claim that they are sick.
  2. While on the airplane, carry hand wipes with you. Once you are seated, clean areas with hand wipes.  Focus on armrests to wipe clean and then clean tray tables on the airplane.  After visiting the rest room, clean hands with hand sanitizer, not because you used the lavatory but because you touched a high traffic area.
  3. Avoid ice when ordering drinks and stick to hot drinks. Flight attendants are unknowingly touching the ice and straws without wearing gloves.  You never know if they have touched some one who is sick or if someone just sneezed on them.
  4. When you get in your hotel room, use hand wipes to wipe down door knobs and the remote control. Keep the air circulating but also keep the room at a reasonable temperature.  Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated.
  5. When seated at a restaurant, check the water glasses. Review them to make sure there is no lipstick remaining from the person before. Since water glasses are served first, they get the first lip touch and there is a higher chance of this occurring.

What types of tips do you have to avoid the flu?  Comment below.

Do you think you have the flu?  Here is a list of flu symptoms from WebMD.

Is it just a cold or the flu? Find out  the difference between the cold and the flu here from WebMD.

If you have the flu here are some reminders.  Stay home to avoid spreading to others.  Stay hydrated.  If you have questions, contact your physician’s office.

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