Boost Energy in 2014

As we embark into the New Year, we often have a natural burst of energy or surge of motivation. Our energy is increased by a new found sense of hope for a new year and reaching new goals that are set forth. Many will reenter the gym, start a diet, write a budget or make efforts to do something better than the year before.

What do you need to boost your energy and keep up the momentum of the New Year syndrome that can end prematurely around January 23rd or so? Here are some tips.

Add food to your meals that are known energy boosters. Chop up an apple and eat it wit peanut butter or grab a handful of nuts. Include leans meats and fish to meals to provide a good balance of protein and add whole grains as IMG_0404good carbohydrates to give your body the energy it needs. The key is to finding a good balance of carbohydrates to keep away sluggishness without going over the top.

Take your vitamins. A sure way to deplete your energy is to not feel well and with all the bugs flying around this type of year you never know which one with bite you. Make sure you are a taking a multi-vitamin that includes calcium and other key vitamins for overall lifelong health. Also when you are making meals, select foods that are rich in vitamins like nuts with magnesium, veggies and fruits with Vitamin A and C and meats with Vitamin B-12, to maintain your body’s needs.

Switch body washes or shampoos to a scent that is rejuvenating rather then relaxing. In the summer when there is more light, our bodies naturally wake up easier but in the winter it can be a struggle. Try a citrus or mint smell to help revive the senses in those dark mornings.

portrait of a mid adult woman jogging in a parkExercise your body and your brain. Get back to the gym or get out for a brisk walk. The cold air will help to reinvigorate you and give your mind a break. Pick up a crossword puzzle or find an app that keeps your mind moving.

The New Year is an exciting time of year where there is new found hope and motivation is erupting everywhere. By making small changes to help keep energy levels high through the remaining winter months, your New Year energy can sustain until we enter the next season of the year.

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