DIY Instructions For Home Facial With Professional Results

A home facial is a great for powerful cleaning and skin rejuvenation, but also a great way to pamper yourself and relax. Though most people actually go to a spa to get one, it is quite possible to get optimal results in your home without going to a professional.

A good facial will deep clean your pores and leave your skin smooth and glowing. Getting a facial once a month will do great things for your skin’s health and complexion in the long run.


Give yourself a fresh start with a simple wash to remove any lingering makeup, oil and dirt in preparation. Rinse your face with warm water and apply your cleanser.

Use upward, circular motions and rinse with warm water.


Steam heat will help loosen dirt and sebum, the oily white gunk that builds in your pores, and allow for a deep cleaning. A hot towel or a steamy shower are great methods for this. Exfoliating is the step that will smooth out your skin and get rid of lingering dead skin cells, helping to brighten and soften your skin for a great natural glow. There are great recipes for exfoliation scrubs online or even better, you can try the Apothederm Facial Enzyme Exfoliant which is filled with natural ingredients and no harsh additives. You can also use a facial cleansing brush to aid in the exfoliation.

Blackheads and Sebum

Blackhead removal at home should not include any tools as a misstep can be very detrimental to the integrity of your pores. The same with attempting to squeeze out natural sebum which can result in skin scarring and change the shape of your pores. Clay masks can help reduce sebum and keep it from forming sooner but it can be very drying for the skin. If you feel the need to address blackheads at home, go for strips or a blackhead mask.

Relaxation Time

There are great DIY mask recipes that are easy and quick.

A banana mash with honey is great for moisturizing and the honey is a natural antibacterial.

Oatmeal, honey and egg white is a great mix for a soothing, relaxing mask that removes oil and also moisturizes. Every part of the egg itself has great properties for your skin and can be used as a mask. Try the yolk for dry skin, egg white for oily skin and the whole egg for normal skin.

There are plenty of diy masks you can use to nourish your skin or address a problem you’re looking to fix.

Let any of these masks sit for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Tone and Moisturize

The Apothederm Clarifying Toner is great for calming your skin after all the manipulation of a facial. It will also take away any excess from the mask and leave you with a cool refreshing feeling.


Finish your home facial with the Apothederm Moisturizing Cream or a non-comedogenic such as argan oil and that’s all there is to a beautiful DIY facial.

Enjoy your new smooth, radiant skin!

Article submitted by Trysh Sutton


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