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Do Recycle in Your Bathroom?

Flowers at Bathroom Sink

It was just about a year ago that Johnson and Johnson rolled out a campaign to remind consumers to recycle products in their bathrooms. Depending on where you live, most of us are used to recycling cans, milk jugs, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, yogurt containers and anything else with the correct number on the bottom and the familiar recycling sign. Basically, most people are good at recycling items that are found in the kitchen. But many of us forget to recycle items used in the bathroom, such as shampoo, hair spray and face wash bottles. Also the boxes that products come in like toothpaste, skin care and even tubes of hydrocortisone.

In an effort to change this, Johnson and Johnson launched Care to Recycle™ ( Through their research they found that 7 of 10 people recycle but only 1 of 5 people recycle products in the bathroom. The website helps inform people what can be recycled in their bathrooms.

At Apothederm Skin Care, we also feel it is important to be able to follow that path and inform you on what packaging can be recycled in our product line.

– Apothederm 2oz and 6oz bottles
– Apothederm white dispensing caps – no silver at this time
– Apothederm white jars – no silver lids at this time
– Apothederm airless pumps (bottoms) – no clear cap tops
– Apothederm Stretch Mark silver tottle an cap
– Apothederm literature (paper, brochures, inserts, packing slips, etc)
– all Apothederm boxes and shipping boxes

Some of the reason why we forget to recycle these items are simply because of our house layout or due to the fact that we now have recycling bins in our kitchens. We have added recycling bins in kitchens because we use it everyday and it serves as a reminder. A suggestion is to add a small recycling can to our bathrooms and hide it under the sink or in the closet. Or remind yourself to put it in the kitchen recycling instead of the bathroom garbage.

So the next time you empty that shampoo bottle or Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream, please remember to recycle it. For more information visit or visit this link.