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Essential Skincare Tips for Men

Several years ago the term “metro-sexual” entered the American lexicon. No one is quite sure how it did but it generally referred to men who took more than a passing interest in their own attire, mannerisms and grooming. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more accepted for men to pay attention to these things without being unfairly labeled. After all, most men want to look their best and there are products out there that will help them achieve that goal. All that is needed is to convince the men who are hold outs that their skincare regimen, for example, should consist of more than just shaving, slapping on some aftershave lotion and perhaps sunscreen.

Although it has been proven that a woman’s skin is more sensitive than a man’s, men do have special skincare needs. They shave their face every day, for example, and this daily routine can irritate the skin. This is why a product such as a hydrating face moisturizer can be as useful to men as it can be to women. Here are some other tips men who are interested in maintaining healthy skin should consider.

Cleanse the Skin: Excessive oil can block the pores and make shaving less effective. Even when they are in a hurry, men should wash their faces thoroughly before shaving. Use moisturizing soaps that contain emollients (which break down oil).

Shave with the Grain: Shaving in the direction that the hair is growing can nick the buried surface of the hair follicle creating razor bumps.

Moisturize: Men who have dry skin or acne, should seek moisturizers that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These ingredients help remove dead skin and keeps pores from becoming clogged. Our moisturizing cleanser also helps protect the skin from free radicals which damages skin at a molecular level.

Use Sunscreen: Men in particular often have bald spots and thinning hairline areas that are susceptible to the sun’s UV rays. Men should find the right level of SPF protection and apply it to these areas and all over.

Watch for acne triggering products: Because men produce more testosterone than women, their skin tends to be slightly oiler. Therefore, men should use cleansers that include the ingredients salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide.

There you have it. These are some simple, non-life altering ways men can take better care of their skin and improve their appearance at the same time. Even if they are called a “metro-sexuals” for doing so, men who take better care of their skin can increase their appeal to the opposite sex which alone can be well worth the extra time and effort.


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