Exercising in the Summer

tdy-110630-summer-exercise-9a-629x419As we get closer and closer to September, it feels like fall is just around the corner. Yet, we still have a few weeks of summer left, and that is a perfect amount of time to get inspired by new fitness ideas. It’s never too late to try something new and commit to being fit. Below you’ll find some fun fitness ideas to try this summer, and hopefully you’ll find your new favorite.

  • Stand up paddle boarding- look up locations that offer a stand up paddle board (SUP) for rental, or borrow one and get out on the water! It’s a great ab and arm workout, and you’ll have a blast trying to balance and paddle on the board.
  • Take a hike on a nearby trail.
  • Try a community sports team, like softball or basketball.
  • Try a class at your local community center. Yoga and Zumba are good options, but check out what they offer.
  • Go walk or run on the beach or by a lake. The sand provides great resistance for your calves as you walk or run. Being outside will give you a sense of calm and distract you from your workout.
  • Walk or run your dog. A companion can often make a workout much more enjoyable.
  • Swim laps at the local pool. Bonus points if it’s outside and you can feel the warm summer sun on your back. Be sure to wear sunscreen!
  • Rollerblade on your local bike trail, around your neighborhood, or down the sidewalk. Rollerblading, especially inline skating, is a great workout for your entire leg.
  • Join your kids’ activities. Jump on the trampoline, jump rope, play hopscotch, play on the play equipment with them, or play Frisbee. Your kids will love it, and you will have loads of fun without even realizing you’re exercising. It’s fun to be a kid again!
  • Rock climb.
  • Go to an indoor trampoline park. Jumping around on a trampoline for an hour or so can torch lots of calories, but it’s still fun. Many places offer fitness classes as well, so you can have a more structured but fun workout.
  • Ride a horse. Keeping yourself stable and in control can actually be a pretty good leg and ab workout.
  • Go kayaking or canoeing. There are often fairly cheap rentals around, buy an inflatable one, or ask to borrow one from a friend. Then take to the water and paddle to your heart’s content.
  • Do more yard work. Keeping up your yard can make your house look beautiful, plus it burns calories while you’re being productive. Many yard work activities can burn calories without you even noticing!
  • Play tennis. Grab a racket and hit the courts with a buddy, or even by yourself. Practice your serve and try to rally with the other person. Quick sprints, swinging the racket, and darting around to get the ball can make tennis a great, fun workout.


Picture: http://www.infomela.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/tdy-110630-summer-exercise-9a-629×419.jpg