Fall is finally here

It is time to embrace a new fall season.  

Do you look forward to new seasons or do you long for the simplicity and nostalgic characteristics or the previous season?

Every season has it’s pros and cons.  Our headquarters are located in the Pacific Northwest.  So fall brings brisk temperatures, fog, rainy moments and beautiful copper colored autumn leaves.  But some years, warm sunny skies linger longer into October.  It can be hard to embrace the beauty of fall when there is still so much summer still popping it’s head in to our day.  This year summer lingered long into October and the leaves are late to change.  It is now mid-October and most of the leaves are still green and attached to the trees.  When they do start to change from green to golden colors, it will happen over a short time frame and fall into wet piles under the trees and stick to the roads.  You see, at that time the weather will already be changing to colder temperatures and the Pacific Northwest rainy season will be here.

Fall is full of beauty with warm golden landscapes and clear crisp skies.  Embrace the beauty as it will only be here for a moment before the darkness of winter is upon us.

What is your favorite season?  Post it below. 

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