fall skin care tips

Fall Skin Care Tips

fall-skin-care-tips-photo-for-blog-postSome of us are about to make a very common mistake without even knowing it. Some of us are about to neglect to change our skin care regimen to fit the current fall season. While we automatically change our attire from bright, summer wear to dark, warm fall outfits, many of us don’t give much thought as to how we should also change the way we protect and nourish our skin. Why is it necessary to have a different skin care regimen in fall and winter than in spring and summer? For one thing, the air is dryer in fall and winter than it is in the spring and summer. Because of this, you should be more diligent about moisturizing your skin. That is why we have moisturizing cleansers and creams for people who know that simply covering the skin with a wrap does not protect it. Our moisturizing cream contains peptides as well as ingredients such as Shea Butter and soybean oil. Oils create a protective layer on the skin that retain more moisture

Another reason to adjust your skin care regimen in the fall is so that you can potentially mitigate any damage done to it by summer. The UV radiation of summer penetrates the outer layer of skin and breaks down collagen and elastin both of which help form healthy skin. A fall skin care regimen should consist of adding a nourishing serum in order to restore the skin’s vibrancy lost during the long summer months. The next reason to modify your skincare techniques during the fall is that skin becomes more vulnerable to UV damage this time of year. That is because people are less aware of high UV levels simply because it is no longer hot outside. This makes people less likely to use sunscreen to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. We recommend that you diligently continue to apply sunscreen in order to protect against the high UV levels of the sun. Finally, in fall the blood vessels beneath our skin become more constricted. This means poor circulation which can cause the skin to lose its radiance or “glow.” We recommend that you use skincare products that are high in antioxidants. Other techniques for protecting your skin against the dry, fall season include using a humidifier, staying hydrated and avoiding baths that are very hot. Hot water tends to strip the skin of it oils.

Finally, an effective skin care regimen means taking steps to protect your skin all year round. Plan now to change your skin care techniques and you will be able to spend time enjoying the fall instead of fretting over damaged, unhealthy skin.Caldwell

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