Fitness Programs to Inspire Results

Are you looking for a new way to inspire yourself?  We always are!  Here are three companies that we have worked with or participate in their programs.  Our group is active and we are always searching for the next best thing to keep us motivated for our continued health.

Bet $5 or more as an incentive to get you to exercise.  Basically, select how many days per week you will exercise and if you do not meet your goal then you lose your bet.  But if you succeed, you earn a percentage of all the people that met their goal.  The people who do not meet their goal for the week lose their money and that money is split with the winners.  This program really gets you moving because people do not want to pay they want to earn.  There is a 30 minute minimum work out time and also a gym locator to make it easy.   If you are a runner you can integrate the Run Keeper to keep track of your distance and also add to your GymPact account.  Please note this is an app only program but available for iPhone and Android.    Visit their website for more information:

everymove-logo-largeEveryMove is a social site for keeping track of activities and earning points for rewards.  Rewards are discount codes, gift cards and products.  You can do anything from running  to swimming to gardening and even housework counts for points.  Log in and enter your activities for the day and watch your points grow.  You can earn more points by entering connections like inviting Facebook friends, using FitBit, Nike+, FourSquare, MyFitnessPal or adding your Twitter feed.  Awards range from 350 to 1000 points and can take about a month to 6 weeks depending on how frequently you are entering the activities that you complete.  Visit their website for more information:  

Replay StepS2H – Switch 2 Health
Walk, run, activity for 60 minutes with the REPLAY or 10,000 steps with the STEP pedometer.  Earn points to redeem for gift cards or free gear.  Must buy device ranging from $24.95 for wristwatch called REPLAY (  or pedometer STEP ( .  You can also buy different color bands to make it fun and pop  with color.   After 60 minutes of activity or after 10,000 steps  the device with give you a unique 12 digit code that you log in to the website or app and enter to log your codes.  Rewards range from 60 to over 3000 points, although most rewards seem to be around 300 points.  Each upload of points gives you 60 points and you can upload only one code per day.    This site is perfect for individuals but are also offering programs for businesses to get employees involved.  Visit their website for more information:

All of these programs easy to set up and you can get started today.   If you know of others for us to try, post it here and we just might try it too.