How Often Do You Clean Your Smartphone?

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Germs are everywhere.  We clean counter tops, sinks and toilets daily but when was the last time that you cleaned your phone?  And we do not mean wiping your smartphone lens down with your sweatshirt to take a clearer photo?  Do you remember?  After reading this, you may be cleaning your phone weekly if not more often.

According to, “Each square inch of your cell phone has about 25,000 germs, making it dirtier than your pet’s food dish, a shoe’s sole, and, of course, a toilet seat.” Here is another link from ABC News that also supports this result…unfortunately.

We have no words.  That is disgusting but if we think about it, it makes sense.  We are constantly touching our phones and doing it in all different places and times during the day.  We are texting or scrolling while on the bus, at the park, at home, at the grocery store or even concerts.  We look at our phones while at work on our lunch break and even sometimes (gasp!) while we are eating.  Not to mention all of the other places that are not mentioned and do not need to be mentioned.  While we are doing all of this surfing, there are germs that are going to settle on the phone and turn our devices into a science experiment.  But even with this knowledge, we will probably not change our behaviors and will continue to check email at a moments notice or answer our latest text to come through.

Here are some instructions on how to help control the petri dish of germs on your smartphone – in case you are inclined to clean it now after reading this.

  1. Use alcohol wipes to disinfect and clean your phone.  They are available in 1” by 1” squares in single use packages at the drug store.  Open the package and wipe the front, back and sides on the phone.
  2. Be aware of the charging and ear phone portal to not get moisture inside.  After cleaning the phone, dry with a paper towel.  Try to avoid leaving too much moisture on the phone as you do not want to damage the phone.
  3. Also if you are using a screen protector, grime will accumulate around the edge.   We recommend carefully taking a toothpick and moving it around the edge to remove the buildup.  But be careful in doing this to not scratch your phone or lift your screen protector.

Good luck and safe smart phone usage.  May your phone be cleaner in the future than it was before reading this.

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