Ingredient of the Week – Grape Seed

Grape Seed ExtractWhat is it?  Grape seed is known for antioxidant health benefits for your skin. The seeds are used in extract form from fleshy parts of the grape to create a light colored liquid.

What are benefits for your skin when using grape seed extract?  Red grapes are high in resveratrol and offer antioxidant qualities to reduce free-radical damage.  It  contains vitamin C and E, chlorophyll, and enzymes which help with anti-aging and post-sun skin concerns like wrinkling and fine lines.

Why did we select it to be used in Apothederm skin care products?  Grape seed is one of the greatest ingredients for skin care products. There are a lot of benefits with using this ingredient in skin care formulation, including facial serums.  It is used primarily for anti-oxidative benefits to help with anti-aging and post-sun damaged skin.

Apothederm Skin Care uses this ingredient in the following products:





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