Ingredient of the Week – Sesame Seed Oil




What is sesame seed oil? (Sesamum Indicum) Sesame oil comes from the seeds of the sesamum indicum plant native to East India.  There are many methods to extracting sesame oil from the seed.  A processed known as cold-pressed is most used when extracting the oil for use in skin care products.  The oil is expressed from the seeds by applying low temperature pressure to preserve nutrients.  Extracted sesame oil from the raw seed is a yellowish color.

What are the benefits for your skin when using sesame seed oil?  Sesame oil contains fatty acids which act as emollients to protect and moisturize the skin, hair and lips.  Because it acts as the skins natural barrier it works to protect skin against environmental damage that can cause aging such as smoke and air pollution.  Toxins that are soluble in oil can be removed by using sesame oil topically.

Vitamin A and vitamin E, antioxidants, contained in sesame oil help to reduce free radical damage that cause aging and wrinkles.  By helping to eliminate new damage, healthy cells can thrive resulting in some reversal of previous damage by helping to increase collagen and elastin production.

Why did we select it to be used in Apothederm Skin Care products? Sesame oil is fast absorbing and it also anti-inflammatory. These properties help ward off bacterial infections and can be used on inflamed skin.  Because of these properties, sesame oil is effective in its use for acne, eczema and psoriasis.  It is good for sensitive skin as well.  

Apothederm Skin Care products with sesame seed oil:



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