Getting Ready for Summer by Glamgerous

        But, wait… what about those ugly stretch marks that don’t seem to go away with exercise? I recently researched oils, treatments, massages… I looked everywhere and finally found an American brand called Apothederm, which really takes care of everything! I tried their Stretch Mark Cream for about a week and, I have to say, it really worked.  I wanted to share with you girls, right away because it’s an amazing product. Read the full article from Glamgerous, here.

Review from The Thoughtful Misfit

      Fast forward, and I’ve come a long way from body lotion on the face. I’ve also come even further than the decades old theory that the best thing to do for acne is to dry it up as much as possible. In fact, over-drying your face can actually lead to more oil production and more clogged pores, sending you into a downward spiral of dry flakes, oily skin, and persistent acne. That’s precisely what I love about the Apothederm Acne Clarifying System. It’s a three part system that approaches clear skin from a broader, more science-based perspective. To review the full article visit The Thoughtful Misfit, here. Photo Credit: The Thoughtful Misfit

Prepping for my Summer Body

  The truth is… most of us have or will have stretch marks at some point in our lives! However, we all like to keep that a little secret and let others think we don’t suffer from stretch marks like everyone else. If you have found those little red lines (that eventually turn a pale beige) on your problem areas and felt hopeless, feel hopeful again! Apothederm® Stretch Mark Cream helps to reinforce your skin’s natural structure by producing collagen to help lessen the occurrence of those horrible grooves caused by fluctuating weight! To review the full article, please visit Lauryncakes here. Photo credit:

Apothederm Review by Lizzie in Lace

      I have suffered from acne since I was in middle school. I thought that it would go away with age, but it hasn’t. I have tried a million many different products and have made so many visits to the dermatologist, but nothing ever seemed to work. As I’ve gotten older,  my acne has subsided a bit, although not completely. However, I do notice that it gets worse around certain times of the month or is triggered by something I eat (thank you Whole30!). I don’t think that living in a polluted city helps much either. I decided to try the Apothederm Acne Clarifying System out of both desperation and intrigue. I’ve never found any acne products that are moisturizing and anti-aging. This set comes with three products: a cleanser, a toner and a treatment. To read the complete article, please visit Lizzie in Lace here. Photo Credit:

spotlight facial oils

Spotlight on Facial Oils

Experts explain why the use of oils on the complexion, once considered a no-no, is now a trend.