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Stretch Mark Vanishing Act

As scientists and skin care specialists, we deal with facts every day. And the fact is that most of us have or will get stretch marks. But it’s also true that you can do something about them. Our Apothederm™ Stretch Mark Cream reinforces the skin’s fundamental support structures and helps to visibly repair existing stretch marks. This fast-absorbing lotion is formulated with our patented SmartPeptide™ technology and helps build collagen while reducing the appearance of red and silver stretch marks, all while smoothing your skin’s texture .Experience the Benefits:

  • Visible results in as little as 2 weeks with continued improvement over time
  • Evens skin tone
  • Improves skin texture and smoothness
  • Protects the skin to help prevent future stretch marks
  • Reduces the appearance of both red and silver stretch marks
  • Helps support and firm the skin
  • Leaves skin soft and moisturized
  • Effective for old or new stretch marks

Makeup Addict thought: here we go again – another cream that claims all the above and it’s going to be a waste of money. Well, I am so glad to report that I was wrong – dead wrong!!! However, it took a little while to convince me. They say ‘in as little as 2 weeks’ – but as usual for me – I was looking after the first use. I actually think I did see some improvement just before the 2-week mark. They could have used my thighs for a cottage cheese commercial – but then the ‘curds’ seemed smaller and the valleys between were getting a bit more narrow. After the 2-week mark it was still gradual – but improvements were becoming more obvious!! The discoloration that seems to come with stretch marks or cellulite were definitely faded – calling less attention to the marks. The skin was silky soft and nice and hydrated, although I did keep everything moisturized before using Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream — but it seemed moreso than usual. I have to say it is now beyond 2 weeks and I am thrilled with the results I am seeing and everything is improving to actually be pretty noticeable . My skin seems to be firmer and definitely smoother. The discoloration has faded to almost none. I do not use a lot of this wonderous cream to get the results either – as I want it to last. You would think I never moisturized my skin – the way it soaks Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream up. It is absorbed almost insatantaneously as I apply it. I do use it twice a day as suggested and will continue as long as my skin remains in this fresh new skin condition. Maybe it is really bjuilding up some collagen, etc. to help itself along the way. Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream is a staple in my skin care now.

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