My Life as an Intern at a Skin Care Company

My life as an intern at a skin care company

I am from Japan and studying abroad in the Pacific Northwest.  During this summer, I have been working at Apothederm Skin Care in Bothell, Washington.  I was introduced to this company from my course at Bellevue College.  I want to share my experience with you of my life as an intern at a skin care company.

IMG_9185I began my internship in the beginning of summer and assisted in multiple projects.  I spent time researching cosmetics and skin care in the medical and spa industries.  I also became knowledgeable first hand at their Apothederm products.  I was able to try as many products as I wanted so I could learn what they felt like and could see how different ingredients felt on my skin.  Therefore I could know how to sell products and how to research skin care marketing.  One of my favorite projects was researching ingredients used in skin care products.  I learned about the origin of ingredients and how they are used in skin care to provide benefits.

I participated in weekly meetings with members of the staff. In those meetings I was able to learn about the daily processes of a company as well as an ecommerce business.

There are so many different types of skin care products in the market and they contain different ingredients.  It is hard to recognize each benefit as we do not talk about them daily.  Our company lists the ingredient functions on each product page to help understand what their purpose is.  I helped research some of these ingredients and their functions.  Thanks to this research, I now know more about these ingredients like SmartPeptides®, sea buckthorn and green tea extract.

I am an international student from Japan and as I am here I am also working to improve my English.  Each time an intern comes a new slang sheet goes up on the door.  This helps to understand words or saying that are part Slang phrase sayingof everyday English and hard to learn.  They are really kind and friendly while respecting each other as coworkers. I didn’t hesitate to ask questions as it was an open environment and I found value in my time there.  I was treated as a worker, not a gopher and I enjoyed my projects and internship every day!

I really love this company and their Apothederm Skin Care products. I am glad to work here and meet them.  Sadly, I will go back Japan next week so I will finish this wonderful internship but I know this experience will help me a lot after I go back Japan. I highly recommend searching out internship opportunities to gain hands on experience in the skin care industry and others as well. Thank you so much.

Written by Yuriko – Edited by Kelly

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