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Pre and Post Weight Loss Skin Tightening Tips

There are countless benefits to shedding extra pounds for those of us who are overweight. Those benefits include a healthier heart, a lower chance of developing diabetes and certain cancers and even greater longevity. This is what all health professionals commonly tell their overweight patients and all this is true. However, the one drawback to losing a lot of weight is unsightly, loose skin. People who have lost a lot of weight struggle with this problem even as they enjoy the many advantages of reaching a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI). The problem is even greater, say experts on the site WebMD, for those people who have been obese for an extended amount of time. But all is not lost. There are strategies to tighten loose skin that go beyond using a firming serum alone.


  • Lose weight gradually: Commonly people who have set out to lose weight are eager to shed those extra pounds as quickly as they can without knowing that the more rapidly they lose weight the more your skin will lose elasticity. Controlling the rate at which you lose weight allows your body to adjust more to the change.


  • Participate in weight resistance training: As you lose weight, remember that you are sculpting a new future and a new body. Strength training reinforces the muscles beneath your skin causing it to become tighter.


  • Moisturize your skin: Using products such as a clarifying toner and a moisturizer with herbal ingredients, Aloe Vera, and even some vitamin E and A, allows for new skin cells to grow. Our moisturizers contain the SmartPeptide Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 as well as emollients and other ingredients that are proven to make the skin suppler. Our firming serum contains & Heptapeptide-a SmartPeptide that have been shown in clinical studies to be effective in boosting collagen production.


  • Increase your water intake: Proper hydration – six to eight glasses of water per day – helps maintain skin elasticity and vibrancy. It is also vital to the health of your muscles and internal organs.


  • Avoid excessive sunlight: The sun can be damaging to the skin in many ways. Studies show that it can even loosen the skin which is something that people who are trying to lose weight – after child birth, for example, – do not need.


Finally, though the benefits derived from the loss of extra pounds far outweigh (no pun intended) the consequence of developing loose skin, it is an issue many people have to contend with. Take a practical approach to weight loss and this one side effect can be properly managed and overcome.

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