Spring Make-Up Tips

shutterstock_170714630Spring has sprung and is officially here! A time of renewal and blossoming, so what does this mean for me? I must change up my makeup look. I’ve been wearing darker plum colors and smokey eyes with smudgy liner so it is time for a change. I have always loved the bright, fresh looks of spring makeup trends. But what is happening for 2014?

I started my “research” by checking out the Pantone 2014 colors, and found Radiant Orchid the color of the year. This is a beautiful color that looks good on almost every skin tone. I immediately think to try a wash of this color over the eyelid without eyeliner and top it off with a light coat of mascara. I also think a variation of glossy orchid on my fingernails would really pull it together.

The next trend I see is orange lips.  Not coral, but orange and matte.  I think this is a bit more of a challenge to wear.  While it looks beautiful and fun on the runways, real life is different.  I have found that wearing either a creamy finish or even a gloss makes it a lovely look, fun and bold but still feminine and pretty. It is best paired with a soft eye make-up and clean skin.  A wash of sheer shimmer across the eyelids would add the perfect touch of color.

Speaking of “clean” skin, I am seeing a lot of talk about not wearing foundation and going bare skin.  As an esthetician and makeup artist, I am not a fan of this.  First, the newer foundation options provide additional benefits for the skin with minerals, anti-aging attributes and SPFthat it ends up being a disservice to not wear it. Second, foundation provides a flawless look we all like for our skin without actually looking like we have anything on it.  Lastly, it really does provide a “foundation” for everything else we put on top.  When we start with a good base then the blush, bronzer, and shimmer with stay put where you want it.

Spring time is a great time to break out the shimmer. I am not suggesting frost or sparkles but shimmer.  Two that I really like are Glominerals Shimmer Brick in Gleam and Mirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighter. Apply them in a “C” from the brow bone down to the top of the cheek,  dab a bit in the center of your lip and on the inside corner of the eye.  This will really help to brighten your face and soften fine lines.

So there is my take on spring 2014; a pretty, bright orchid on lids and nails, a non-matte orange on the lips and shimmer on the cheek bones.  Lastly, make sure that you begin with a light layer of BB cream or mineral powder to help keep everything in place and provide a beautiful finish.

Tiffany - Esthetician