Stress Free Steps for Holiday Beauty

Holiday Stress Free Beauty Tips

Stress Free Steps For Holiday Beauty and Being Photo Ready

This time of year brings company parties, holiday gatherings and other events that bring photo opportunities.  The hustle and bustle from the holidays can lead to stressed out skin which can lead to breakouts and other concerns.  When skin is stressed it can appear lackluster, dry, flushed or even without that winter glow that we all hope to have.  We can’t guarantee photo happiness all the time so sometimes we need to give skin and make-up a spruce up as we plan on photo ready moments.

  1. Skin prep.  In the weeks approaching holiday gatherings, treat yourself to a facial at your local spa or try one at home.  Begin with a good cleanser that can remove dirt and oil but not strip the moisture from the skin.  Follow two to three times weekly with an exfoliator, like Apothederm Facial Enzyme Exfoliant, to help with dead skin cells and help to improve skin texture.
  2. Get a trim.  Book ahead of time and stay on schedule for hair trims and color. There is nothing worse than looking back at photos and seeing roots that are not supposed to be there.
  3. Afternoon touch ups.  Don’t over do morning make-up knowing that you will be attending an event later that night.  Start light and before you go reapply for the evening.  Carry a small bag of touch up make-up in your satchel to be ready for the final check on your way out the door.
  4. Highlight your beauty.  Add highlighter to your beauty routine. When photo opportunities come up, be ready.  If you are new to wearing highlighter, here are great tips from Cosmopolitan on how to apply without looking like a circus act.  Yes, it can happen.
  5. Line the eyes.  Eyeliner is a must for eyes to pop in photos and appear awake.  By not having eyeliner the eyes can appear weary and tired.  If you are not used to wearing eyeliner, start thin and work your way up to a thicker line.
  6. Add the finishing touch.  Finish off with a cranberry hue or dark, bright lipstick to feel festive and kissable under the mistletoe or toasting to the New Year.

Bonus Tip-Clean your phone.  A dirty phone can lead to breakouts.  Clean off your phone regularly to avoid cheek breakouts and clogged pores.

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