Summer Essentials – Our Summer Must Haves

The summer is long from over. As we are enjoying the weather and activities that come with this season, we wanted to list our summer essentials and must haves here for our readers.

Summer usually means sunny skies and warm weather especially in the northwest.  With the temperatures rising, pool floats have become very popular.  From flamingos and swans to donuts and pineapple floats.  The pool and seashore has become very colorful this year with an array of brightly colored options.  Also very popular and a favorite of ours is frozen treats.  Popsicle recipes are popping up all over and recipes are not just for children anymore, but strong alcoholic versions as well to help refresh your body during hot summer days.

Annual summer essentials are also a must have, like summer sandals, espadrilles and a great pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.  On the go hair styling products, like a sea salt spray, can help to separate curls and provides body as hair air dries.  Smooth skin is a summer must have and the use of a body scrub two to three times a week will help to soften and slough away dry, flaky skin.

We are usually more active during the summer with hiking, biking and swimming. The weather is more appealing for outdoor activities and stand up paddle boarding is a great sport to try.  Once your balance is held, the board can provide a great workout for your  core and arms.  Be sure to wash your face after all activities to help keep skin clean and use a spot treatment to help avoid summer breakouts.

Lastly, this seems to be the summer of peonies.  Peonies are beautiful, hardy floweres that are abundant this year in a delicate pink shade.  Photos of these flowers have popped up all over Instagram and in magazines as accent pieces.  Treat yourself to a bouquet if you can still find them at your local  florist.

What are some of your must haves for summer?  Let us know.

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