Tips for Summer Hair Without the Frizz

Frizz can be a nuisance when it comes to hair.  Summer brings on a myriad of experiences and memories that many enjoy.  Whenever there is a change in seasons, there is also a span of time where the humidity is higher or precipitation is heavier that can lead to frizzy, unmanageable hair.

Argan OIl - Hair

Beauty Tip:  Taming frizzy hair from high humidity, travel or rain

  • When going outside cover hair in a hat or hood to protect it from moisture in the hair. Even though it is outdated, we think about what our grandmother’s wore when they went out in the form of a rain bonnet.  Now we know why wisdom comes with age. Not a fashionable choice but a smart choice.
  • Use a satin pillowcase when sleeping to help keep hair shiny and help to reduce frizz.  One of our favorites is Morning Glamour pillowcases.
  • Finish your shower with a cool rinse of water to your hair.
  • Avoid shampoos or styling product that will add volume to hair.
  • Wash hair every two days or more.  Do not wash daily.
  • Use a microfiber towel to towel dry hair after your shower and do not leave on your head soaking up all moisture while applying make-up.  The towel can lead to friction on the hair strand which leads to frizz.
  • Take a small amount of Apothederm Argan Oil and rub in palms.  Apply to the ends of your hair to help smooth hair.  This is a great idea to carry with you while travelling and before you get off the plane, apply a very small amount to hair to help tame from post-flying frizz.
  • Pull up your hair in an up do for the day to keep hair secure.  Either sweep it all up or use bobby pins to pull back strands and hold in place.

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