Celebrating 5 Years of Apothederm and Many More to Come

We are celebrating 5 years of Apothederm Skin Care and you – our customers!  We are grateful to our customers for coming along with us for the ride. As a Thank You – we are including a gift with every purchase from now until April 30th. Every order over $50 will receive a free Apothederm Deluxe Travel Skin Care Kit.  A collaboration of 6 Apothederm Skin Care products to travel with on your next vacation, use at the gym or give as a gift. Each Apothederm Deluxe Travel Skin Care Kit includes the following: Apothederm Brightening Cleanser, 2 oz Apothederm Firming Serum, 0.14 oz

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Apothederm in April Magazines

Apothederm Skin Care was included in some of our favorite magazines this month.  See us in Shape, Health and Parents. Let us know if you spotted us and use the coupon code offered in each of these April magazines to save at www.apothederm.com.

Stretch Mark Cream

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream Featured on Joyus

We came across a beautiful website called Joyus where an expert panel provides advice based on their research and knowledge.  The site is beautifully done with videos on each product. Here is a clip of what they had to say about Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream. https://www.joyus.com/beauty/1-2260/clinically-proven-stretch-mark-cream-hosted-by-mikaela-south?utm_source=vendors-apothederm&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=text-link-apothederm-cream&utm_campaign=VAH03NA0001  

Company Spotlight: Media Wall

Here is our latest office project, a media wall. We wanted to take the utilitarian  approach and just have fun.  This is the end result and we have 3 areas in the office that have different magazines hanging. We were thinking it would work great in the office for hanging product mentions or also at home or in a child’s room for hanging artwork or photos. Tell us what you think – do you like it?  

Spring is For Cleaning – That Means Your Make-up Drawer Too!

When tax day passes, we know spring is here and so are the common tasks that fall under spring cleaning.  But there are some items in your house that might not get the focus they need and have attracted more than dust over the months.  A recent study focused on use of expired products such as mascara and make-up (and it is probably true for old skin care products). The study showed: 98% of women in the study reported using expired products, most often mascara. A sanity check of what study participants actually had on hand showed 7 out of 10 women had expired

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Mario - April

Apothederm Skin Care on EXTRA!

Apothederm Skin Care was on site at EXTRA yesterday for a taping with Mario Lopez at the Grove.  Audience members received a gift bag from Apothederm with tons of goodies to try and love the product.  There will be 5 winners selected from the EXTRA website where anyone can enter the contest for the same gift bag given away.  We will post the segment and giveaway link once it airs but were do excited we had to share the news!  

Apothederm in April 2013 Magazines

Here is a gathering of some of the publications that Apothederm Skin Care is in for April 2013.  Be sure to look for Apothederm Skin Care in these magazines and locate codes for savings on our website.