How Your Skin Ages: A Timeline

The image of a very old person holding an infant demonstrates perfectly how the passage of time impacts us all. This image shows how, as someone once said, “The arrow of time points in one direction.” One way that trajectory is shown is in how the skin of a very old person differs from that of an infant. Our skin undergoes many changes as we transition from the nearly flawless skin of an infant to that of an elderly person. Here are some of the ways those changes manifest themselves along the way. Infancy – The softest, most supple skin

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Common Medications that Can Cause Acne

We’ve written at great length on this blog about the many things that cause and can exacerbate acne outbreaks. We’ve also talked about how diet can contribute to this persistent condition as well the many options there are for lessening acne’s effects. However, among some of the most insidious causes of acne outbreaks are the medications that help us combat a number of illnesses. So that you can remain informed, here is a list of the various drugs that can cause acne. Corticosteroids (like Prednisone): Used to treat asthma and other chronic lung diseases, cortisol is also produced by the

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Argan Oil: More than Just a Hair Care Ingredient

As an ingredient in beauty products, Argan oil is becoming more and more common for its role in helping to nourish the hair and keeping it from drying out. Dry hair has no sheen and is frizzy, lifeless and dull. No one wants dry hair. However, what many people are beginning to discover is that Argan oil’s benefits extend beyond simply protecting your hair from the frizzes. This natural oil – which is produced from the nut of the Argan tree, in Southwestern Morocco – is not referred to as “liquid gold” for nothing.   The Benefits Of Argan Oil

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Beauty Hacks You Have to Try

Sometimes looking your best can be a challenge. The demands of work and family can conspire to rob you of the time you need to apply your makeup in the detail that you’d like. Well, our face, skin and nails don’t know when we are racing to catch the train or bus or when we are parked at a stop light or are too tired for a complete beauty routine after a hard day’s work. That is where beauty hacks come in.   Turn the bobby pin over: Flipping your bobby pins over so that the wavy end points towards

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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Skin

We all know we have to do it – spring cleaning. It’s that time of the year when we get rid of the clutter around the house, wash the windows, arrange our closets, and perform a hundred other tasks that are involved in this yearly ritual. However, some of us are neglecting to add another task to that list of chores. Some of us are forgetting that as we emerge from the cocoon of winter, it is also necessary to adjust our skincare routine for the season and to do a little dermal spring cleaning. Here are some tips for

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8 Fundamental Beauty Products for your Travel Bag

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and thought acquiring just the right beauty products and now you are planning to travel away from home. However, before you go you need to pack some essential items – your beauty products. After all, who has the time to scour each destination they travel to in order to retrieve some item they’ve forgotten to pack? Well, we’re guessing that you don’t. So that you can make the most of your jet-setting ways and maintain your beauty regimen, we’ve composed a checklist of supplies you should pack in your travel bag.   Foundation:

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stretch marks

Pre and Post Weight Loss Skin Tightening Tips

There are countless benefits to shedding extra pounds for those of us who are overweight. Those benefits include a healthier heart, a lower chance of developing diabetes and certain cancers and even greater longevity. This is what all health professionals commonly tell their overweight patients and all this is true. However, the one drawback to losing a lot of weight is unsightly, loose skin. People who have lost a lot of weight struggle with this problem even as they enjoy the many advantages of reaching a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI). The problem is even greater, say experts

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wiind blowing at beautiful girl with hair flying

What to do about Aging Hair

Is the number of grey hairs in your comb or in your head increasing at an alarming rate? Are you someone who was formerly proud of your crowning glory but is lately feeling a little less prideful? Well, join the club. One of the most notable signs of aging is the changes it causes to your hair. That because as we age our hair slows down its natural production of oils that keep it shiny, healthy and lustrous. The fact is that the signs of aging hair go beyond simply graying. Here are some other signs of aging hair and

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Things that are Not Helping Your Acne – Acne Tips

Certain daily choices can lead to an increase in blemishes.  Here are acne tips to help improve and reduce breakouts. There are many acne treatments on the market that vary in their effectiveness at managing this embarrassing and frustrating skin condition. But selecting just the right acne treatment may not be the biggest obstacle to tackling this difficult condition. Actions that you may be taking yourself may be worsening your acne or at the very least minimizing the effectiveness of the treatments that are effective. So, if you suffer from acne you should be aware that the following things are not

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Steps for Creating the Perfect Nightly Beauty Routine

Steps for Creating the Perfect Nightly Beauty Routine You’ve had a long difficult day. Your commute was exhausting and exasperating. You’ve had your meal, perhaps watched TV and spent time with the family and are now preparing for bed. But don’t lie down just yet. It’s time for you to begin your nightly beauty routine, a component of an overall beauty regime that should never be ignored. It turns out that the body replenishes itself during sleep time and by helping it before you place your head on your pillow you can wake up refreshed and looking well. Here are

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Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Famous people are under constant pressure to look their best in this celebrity obsessed culture of ours. Wherever they appear they are exposed to the unblinking eye of camera, the glare of lights and the gaze of the general public. This is why looking their best is a part of a celebrity’s business. This is also why it is a good idea to learn some of the beauty secrets they use under this constant pressure. Here are some celebrity beauty secrets. Beyoncé Knowles: This pop diva recommends and uses skin moisturizer as a part of her daily routine. She also

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Topic of the Week: Quick Beauty Fixes – Getting beautiful in no time

Quick Beauty Fixes – Getting beautiful in no time Time is one of our most precious belongings that, due to our jobs, families and households, can sometimes be rare. Besides their duties and obligations, women don’t always find time for an extensive beauty routine. The good news is that there are some quick beauty fixes, making us beautiful in no time. beautypress presents tricks and products. Another type of coffee break Uh-oh… A remote and an empty bag of chips tell us what has happened on the couch the night before… Crime movies can be very compelling! However, when you

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