7 Celebrities Who Battle Acne

Underneath the makeup, perfect lighting and plastic surgery, those people who we hold to an unrealistic standard of beauty are human too. I am referring to celebrities who we too often believe are flawless in every way especially in appearance. But the truth is that celebrities are afflicted with some of the same cosmetic imperfections that plague us ordinary people. … Read More >

June-14-2017 by Kelly

Beauty Secrets of a Screen Legend

For many people, screen legend Marilyn Monroe epitomizes feminine beauty. Although she was naturally beautiful and vivacious, her natural beauty was accentuated by some cosmetic practices that the icon swore by. But what are these practices and can the average woman adapt them to her own beauty regimen? Here are some makeup tips from the screen goddess herself. Never skip … Read More >

May-26-2017 by Kelly

Kimberly Elise – a Celebrity Fan of Apothederm Skin Care

brightening cleanser

For more information about Kimberly Elise, visit her website. Kimberly is holding our Apothederm Brightening Cleanser that is a winning combination of cucumber, aloe and glycerin soothe and hydrate skin.  Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids help to refine skin and remove daily dirt and impurities.  Begin a fresh start to the day each time you use Apothederm® Brightening Cleanser. Brighten, … Read More >

May-09-2016 by Kelly

Apothederm Weekend Giveaway #3

Giveaway - Weekends

  Enter to win the Apothederm Weekend Giveaway #3 at www.instagram.com/apothederm Here are directions on how to enter (US resident addresses only please): 1.)  Follow Apothederm on Instagram. 2.) Like (or heart) the giveaway post with this image. We will be running Apothederm Weekend Giveaways every weekend until the end of the year.  All giveaways will be posted on Fridays and winners will be randomly … Read More >

November-20-2015 by Kelly