Fall is finally here

It is time to embrace a new fall season.   Do you look forward to new seasons or do you long for the simplicity and nostalgic characteristics or the previous season? Every season has it’s pros and cons.  Our headquarters are located in the Pacific Northwest.  So fall brings brisk temperatures, fog, rainy moments and beautiful copper colored autumn leaves.  But some years, warm sunny skies linger longer into October.  It can be hard to embrace the beauty of fall when there is still so much summer still popping it’s head in to our day.  This year summer lingered long into

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Back to Fall Favorites

It’s that time of year as August comes to an end and September begins that we officially start thinking about fall.  But fall is not just about back to school clothes it is about change and a fresh start.  The change could be in hair color, skin care or clothes. People start nesting for winter and reenter the kitchen with fall baking and seeking out cozy options.  Fall is a reminiscent time of year and can also bring new beginnings for families, friends and coworkers that can help set the stage for the rest of the year. Here are some

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fall skin care tips

Fall Skin Care Tips

Some of us are about to make a very common mistake without even knowing it. Some of us are about to neglect to change our skin care regimen to fit the current fall season. While we automatically change our attire from bright, summer wear to dark, warm fall outfits, many of us don’t give much thought as to how we should also change the way we protect and nourish our skin. Why is it necessary to have a different skin care regimen in fall and winter than in spring and summer? For one thing, the air is dryer in fall

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