How to Manage Exercise Stretch Marks

While stretch marks are all too familiar to those of us who gain weight rapidly, they also – ironically – pose a problem for those of us who are working to grow our muscles. Frequently, professional body builders and others who work intensely with weights are visited by those persistent purple stretch marks that begin to appear on biceps, triceps, thighs and other regions of the body. So, are all those unsightly stretch marks the price those of us who decide to become ripped must pay? No, say many experts who recommended a combination of preventative and curative measures to

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The Exercise/Healthy Skin Connection

These days you won’t get an argument out of anyone about the health benefits of exercise. While many of us may not engage in physical activity as much as we would like, there is no one who doesn’t know that doing so benefits a person in many ways. What is less clear to some is that there is a connection between exercise and healthy glowing skin. In other words, fitness experts have concluded that regular physical activity benefits both the inside and outside of our bodies. Aside from our clarifying toner, here are some ways that regular exercise helps us

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Yoga Must Haves and Essentials for Beginners and Beyond

Yoga must haves and essentials for beginners and beyond. Yoga can be very relaxing and a great way to help increase flexibility and strength.   It will depend on what type of class you are attending whether it is hatha, vinyasa, bikram or other options can define what you need.  We recommend trying different classes to locate one that works for you and what benefits you are trying to achieve. Here are some general things to know about going to your first yoga class or reminders if you are getting back into yoga after a break. Arrive 20 to 30 minutes early

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Gym Germs – Tips for Clearer Skin at the Gym

Here are some healthy tips for your skin to avoid gym germs while at the gym. Make-up:  As a general rule, wearing makeup at the gym is not advisable because your pores open when your body temperature rises. You wouldn’t want bacteria to seep in and cause breakouts.  However, if you insist on glamming up, try waterproof mascara- it can really open up your eyes and won’t interfere with your skin either. Your face will look luminous on its own while you exercise due to the increase of blood circulation. For those who prefer going to the gym at night,

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September is National Yoga Month

We are celebrating National Yoga Month. Here is a an offer with only a few days left. Get ONE WEEK FREE YOGA during National Yoga Month September To redeem your Yoga Month Card for ONE WEEK FREE YOGA and invite family and friends, please visit – There are over 1600 places nationwide that are participating. See if there is one by you! See more at:    

Boost Energy in 2014

As we embark into the New Year, we often have a natural burst of energy or surge of motivation. Our energy is increased by a new found sense of hope for a new year and reaching new goals that are set forth. Many will reenter the gym, start a diet, write a budget or make efforts to do something better than the year before. What do you need to boost your energy and keep up the momentum of the New Year syndrome that can end prematurely around January 23rd or so? Here are some tips. Add food to your meals

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Fitness Programs to Inspire Results

Are you looking for a new way to inspire yourself?  We always are!  Here are three companies that we have worked with or participate in their programs.  Our group is active and we are always searching for the next best thing to keep us motivated for our continued health. GymPact Bet $5 or more as an incentive to get you to exercise.  Basically, select how many days per week you will exercise and if you do not meet your goal then you lose your bet.  But if you succeed, you earn a percentage of all the people that met their goal. 

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Exercising in the Summer

As we get closer and closer to September, it feels like fall is just around the corner. Yet, we still have a few weeks of summer left, and that is a perfect amount of time to get inspired by new fitness ideas. It’s never too late to try something new and commit to being fit. Below you’ll find some fun fitness ideas to try this summer, and hopefully you’ll find your new favorite. Stand up paddle boarding- look up locations that offer a stand up paddle board (SUP) for rental, or borrow one and get out on the water! It’s

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