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The Importance of Knowing Your Skin Type

A first and often overlooked component of developing an effective skincare regimen is choosing products that work well with an individual’s skin type. For example, a product designed for people with normal skin – skin that is neither too oily nor dry – is not likely to benefit people with oily, problem skin. This is why it is essential for each individual to know which skin type he/she possesses so that he/she can determine which products will work best. Skin Types  There are basically five different skin types. The manufacturers of skincare products keep this in mind when designing their

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Essential Skincare Tips for Men

Several years ago the term “metro-sexual” entered the American lexicon. No one is quite sure how it did but it generally referred to men who took more than a passing interest in their own attire, mannerisms and grooming. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more accepted for men to pay attention to these things without being unfairly labeled. After all, most men want to look their best and there are products out there that will help them achieve that goal. All that is needed is to convince the men who are hold outs that their skincare regimen, for example, should

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To Clarify or Not to Clarify

It’s hard to make generalizations when it comes to developing a skin care regimen. After all, different people will have different skin types, different skin conditions, etc. That is why the age-old question of whether or not skin clarifying toners are necessary is a little complicated. The first thing to understanding the question – and therefore arriving at an answer – is to look at exactly what a clarifying toner does. What does a clarifying product do? Clarifying toners are designed to tighten up pores, extract excessive oil from the skin, remove dead skin cells and to clear blemishes. They are

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Ingredient of the Week – Grape Seed

What is it?  Grape seed is known for antioxidant health benefits for your skin. The seeds are used in extract form from fleshy parts of the grape to create a light colored liquid. What are benefits for your skin when using grape seed extract?  Red grapes are high in resveratrol and offer antioxidant qualities to reduce free-radical damage.  It  contains vitamin C and E, chlorophyll, and enzymes which help with anti-aging and post-sun skin concerns like wrinkling and fine lines. Why did we select it to be used in Apothederm skin care products?  Grape seed is one of the greatest ingredients for skin care products.

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Cucumber Fruit

Ingredient of the Week – Cucumber Fruit

What is cucumber fruit?  Cucumber is technically a cylindrical fruit that belongs to the same family as pumpkins, zucchinis and other squashes. It is usually more than 90% water and it includes vitamin K in 16% of daily value as nutrition. What are benefits for your skin when using cucumber?  Cucumber are known for soothing and hydrating properties when applied to the skin.  Cucumbers can help improve complexion and aid in rejuvenating the skin. The high water content has a cleansing action within the body and cucumbers are high in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols.  Cucumbers are sometimes used in spa

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National Homemade Soup Day – A Heart Healthy Option

Today is National Homemade Soup Day (February 4th). February is National Heart Disease month and focuses on learning about heart disease risks and how to improve heart health.  Here are some healthy recipes from Go Red For Women on how to make heart healthy options at home. Here is a heart healthy soup recipe from one our own.  We sampled it last week and it was very good. Portabella Mushroom – Black Truffle Soup Serves 8 2 lbs. portabella and/or Baby Bella mushrooms 2 shallots, diced 2 cloves crushed garlic 4 T. Trader Joe’s Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil ¼

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Ingredient of the Week – Cocoa Seed Butter

What is Cocoa Seed Butter?  Cocoa seed butter is from the seed of the Theobroma cacao plant.  The butter is made from fermenting and roasting the beans followed by a shell separation process.  It is then cold pressed it into a butter-like paste that is off white in color with a light chocolate scent. What are benefits for your skin when using Cocoa Seed Butter?  Cocoa seed butter contains antioxidant known as flavonol. This flavonol can protect your skin from free radical and aging. Also, cocoa seed is very helpful to get less UV, and keep your skin being good

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Ingredient of the Week – Meadowfoam Seed Oil

What is Meadowfoam Seed Oil?  Meadowfoam is a kind of flower which is including various components. It contains 98% long chain fatty acids to form into a stable oil. The oil comes from the meadowfoam flowering plant and the oil is extracted from the seeds of the white flower. The oil is odorless and has a high trigyceride content and contains 98% long fatty chains. What are benefits for your skin when using Meadowfoam Seed Oil?  Meadowfoam is an emollient oil that helps to hydrate skin but does not leave skin feeling greasy. This oil is fast-absorbing and provides a

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Ingredient of the Week – Evening Primrose Oil

What is Evening Primrose Oil?  Evening primrose is a small flower whose color is yellow, white and purple. It is named “evening primrose” because this species open flowers in the evening.  The oil is extracted from the seeds of the flower.  Another name for evening primrose oil is oenothera biennis. What are benefits for your skin when using Evening Primrose Oil?  Evening primrose oil contains fatty acids that can help with skin irritations such as eczema and inflammation.  It provides hydration to skin and helps to protect skin and the skin carrier.  By hydrating skin, this ingredient can help soften

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Ingredient of the Week – Witch Hazel

  What is itl?  Witch hazel is a flowering plant in the Hamamelidaceae family and it grows naturally in North America.  Native Americans have been using this ingredient for many years for medical purposes and daily uses.  It is known to help with healing of sores, bruises, reduction of swelling, insect bites and skin irritations. What are benefits for your skin when using witch hazel?  The leaves bark and twigs contain tannins. When it is applied to skin, it works for anti-itch, pain, swelling, inflammation and skin injury.  Witch hazel has a variety of good effects on skin as it can be

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Ingredient of the Week – Sesame Seed Oil

    What is sesame seed oil? (Sesamum Indicum) Sesame oil comes from the seeds of the sesamum indicum plant native to East India.  There are many methods to extracting sesame oil from the seed.  A processed known as cold-pressed is most used when extracting the oil for use in skin care products.  The oil is expressed from the seeds by applying low temperature pressure to preserve nutrients.  Extracted sesame oil from the raw seed is a yellowish color. What are the benefits for your skin when using sesame seed oil?  Sesame oil contains fatty acids which act as emollients to protect

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Ingredient of the Week – Sunflower Seed Oil

  What is sunflower seed oil? Sunflower seed oil comes from sunflower seeds.  The oil is expressed from the seeds as well as petals. What are the benefits for your skin when using sunflower seed oil? This ingredient is an oil that helps soften and smooth skin.  The oil is rich in linoleic acid, as well as other essential fatty acids, to help provide a skin barrier to protect skin. Essential fatty acids are good for elasticity, collagen and hydration for skin as it ages. Sunflower oil is also composed of vitamins A, C and D as well as vitamin E.

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