Loofahs vs. Washcloths: Which is Better?

According to the site, Eszlinger.com, we human beings shed about 600,000 particles of skin per hour or about 1.5 pounds a year. Moreover, by the age of 70, we shed and regrow about 1,000 new skins in a lifetime. That’s a huge potential for clogged pores and the skin problems that are associated with not removing these damaged, dead cells thoroughly. However, there seems to be some disagreement as to which tool is the most effective at removing dead skin cells. Some people say that loofahs are better than washcloths. Either way, both should be used in conjunction with an

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Acne and Face Mapping

We’ve all heard the saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well the skin may be the window to the overall health and wellness of the entire body. This is the principle behind one of the oldest and most natural methods of diagnosing not just the health of the skin but the whole body. This ancient technique is called “face mapping.” It is based on Ayurveda practices and ancient Chinese medicine and is now being investigated by Western dermatologist for its intriguing possibilities. Put simply, the practice involves mapping and then drawing a connection between areas of

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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Skin

We all know we have to do it – spring cleaning. It’s that time of the year when we get rid of the clutter around the house, wash the windows, arrange our closets, and perform a hundred other tasks that are involved in this yearly ritual. However, some of us are neglecting to add another task to that list of chores. Some of us are forgetting that as we emerge from the cocoon of winter, it is also necessary to adjust our skincare routine for the season and to do a little dermal spring cleaning. Here are some tips for

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8 Fundamental Beauty Products for your Travel Bag

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and thought acquiring just the right beauty products and now you are planning to travel away from home. However, before you go you need to pack some essential items – your beauty products. After all, who has the time to scour each destination they travel to in order to retrieve some item they’ve forgotten to pack? Well, we’re guessing that you don’t. So that you can make the most of your jet-setting ways and maintain your beauty regimen, we’ve composed a checklist of supplies you should pack in your travel bag.   Foundation:

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Pre and Post Weight Loss Skin Tightening Tips

There are countless benefits to shedding extra pounds for those of us who are overweight. Those benefits include a healthier heart, a lower chance of developing diabetes and certain cancers and even greater longevity. This is what all health professionals commonly tell their overweight patients and all this is true. However, the one drawback to losing a lot of weight is unsightly, loose skin. People who have lost a lot of weight struggle with this problem even as they enjoy the many advantages of reaching a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI). The problem is even greater, say experts

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Things that are Not Helping Your Acne – Acne Tips

Certain daily choices can lead to an increase in blemishes.  Here are acne tips to help improve and reduce breakouts. There are many acne treatments on the market that vary in their effectiveness at managing this embarrassing and frustrating skin condition. But selecting just the right acne treatment may not be the biggest obstacle to tackling this difficult condition. Actions that you may be taking yourself may be worsening your acne or at the very least minimizing the effectiveness of the treatments that are effective. So, if you suffer from acne you should be aware that the following things are not

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Steps for Creating the Perfect Nightly Beauty Routine

Steps for Creating the Perfect Nightly Beauty Routine You’ve had a long difficult day. Your commute was exhausting and exasperating. You’ve had your meal, perhaps watched TV and spent time with the family and are now preparing for bed. But don’t lie down just yet. It’s time for you to begin your nightly beauty routine, a component of an overall beauty regime that should never be ignored. It turns out that the body replenishes itself during sleep time and by helping it before you place your head on your pillow you can wake up refreshed and looking well. Here are

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The Best (and Worst) Foods for Skin Health

Food for Healthy Skin Tips. The correlation between diet and a healthy body is undeniable. However, when most people think about this bond they think only about how food affects the heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc. They fail to relate this idea to the body’s largest organ – the skin. Healthy eating has as much of an impact on healthy skin as it does to any other part of the body and its functions. In this sense, you truly are – as the saying goes – what you eat. Here are some of the best and worst food for

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Top Botanicals Used for Skin Care

In an era when people are becoming more and more concerned with substances such as GMOS, pesticides, and other compounds that they are constantly being exposed to, botanicals have become increasing popular in the skin care industry. Botanicals – ingredients that are derived from, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves or seeds – are the perfect solution for a health conscious public that is wary of all the unnatural ingredients used in a wide range of popular products. The reason for this increased popularity is that many botanicals have been proven to promote healthy skin without possessing all of the artificial

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The Importance of Knowing Your Skin Type

A first and often overlooked component of developing an effective skincare regimen is choosing products that work well with an individual’s skin type. For example, a product designed for people with normal skin – skin that is neither too oily nor dry – is not likely to benefit people with oily, problem skin. This is why it is essential for each individual to know which skin type he/she possesses so that he/she can determine which products will work best. Skin Types  There are basically five different skin types. The manufacturers of skincare products keep this in mind when designing their

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Bizarre Skin Care Treatments throughout History

The quest for beauty has taken man (and womankind) to some pretty strange places. History is replete with examples of practices from all over the world that would make today’s treatments seem quaint in comparison. That is why today’s consumer should be thankful that our era possesses scientific knowledge that was not available to earlier generations. Still, we at Apothederm believe that in order to fully appreciate the various ingredients and treatments that are currently available to us, it is necessary to look back at some of the more bizarre beauty treatments that were once common. Urine: Pee anyone? In

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Essential Skincare Tips for Men

Several years ago the term “metro-sexual” entered the American lexicon. No one is quite sure how it did but it generally referred to men who took more than a passing interest in their own attire, mannerisms and grooming. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more accepted for men to pay attention to these things without being unfairly labeled. After all, most men want to look their best and there are products out there that will help them achieve that goal. All that is needed is to convince the men who are hold outs that their skincare regimen, for example, should

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