See More Apothederm Products On ShopHQ

Now we have even more Apothederm Skin Care products on  After debuting in early June we were able to add more products to our selections.  Please visit ShopHQ to see great exclusive offers on Apothederm Skin Care. Apothederm® Firming Serum, Moisturizing Cream & Hydrating Eye Cream Anti-Aging Trio, Help reduce visible signs of aging. Apothederm Anti-Aging products can work alone or synergistically to help fight the visible signs of aging skin. This trio has been formulated with SmartPeptide™ technology to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apothederm® Brightening Cleanser & Acne Clarifying Treatment Duo, Cleanse, brighten

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See Apothederm Brightening System in May 2014 – DermaScope

…Brightening System Kit from Apothederm® features three brightening products – a Brightening Cleanser, Bright Skin Serum, and Clarifying Toner – to combat darkened, dull, uneven skin and other early signs of aging. Effective on all skin types and tones, this system utilizes malic acid and oligopeptide-10, a patented, bioactive SmartPeptide™, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation, while brightening and refining skin texture. 877-496-0038 or DermaScope Magazine – May 2014  

See Apothederm Nourishing Serum in Les Nouvelle – May 2014

Anti-Aging Power The Nourishing Serum from Apothederm® provides a combination of copper peptides, antioxidants and vitamins to help restore vibrancy to the skin while protecting it against free radicals, says the company. Botanicals help calm and soothe, while sodium hyaluronate deeply hydrates and revives tired skin.  or 877.496.0038

New Product Alert: Apothederm Nourishing Serum

  Introducing our latest product addition, Apothederm Nourishing Serum.  A combination of copper peptide, antioxidants and vitamins help restore vibrancy to the skin while protecting against free radicals. Use alone or add to your skin regimen.  (Available in 1oz size) Click here to learn more.

Introducing the Apothederm Essentials System

We’ve developed this exclusive kit that includes key skin care essentials across all our product lines. Products included: Apothederm Brightening Cleanser, 6 oz. Apothederm Firming Serum, 1 oz. Apothederm Hydrating Eye Cream, 0.5 oz. Apothederm Moisturizing Cream, 1.7 oz. Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment, 1 oz.     To learn more, click here.

Winter Skin is Beautiful Skin

Whether you are enjoying a stroll in the park, snow skiing all day or just walking from the car to the store, winter can wreak havoc on skin.  A quick fix to help with dry, sensitive skin is to modify your daily regimen.  By tweaking a few things, your skin will be thankful. Each season can take a different toll on skin and cause you to change up your daily skin care plan.  Winter can dry skin out with the drop in temperatures and make it scream for moisture.  Replenish dry, flaky tight skin with moisturizers both day and night. 

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              Acne and unwanted breakouts are universal problems, no matter what your age. A recent article in American Spa noted that breakouts are a significant problem experienced by an amazing number of people: Up to 80 percent of the adolescent population suffer from acne 30 percent of women of child-bearing years have breakouts Almost one-third of pre-menopausal women have some degree of acne. Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment Lotion can help you get things under control.  We’ve taken acne fighter salicylic acid and boosted it with defense peptide Oligopeptide-10.  Gentle and effective, it’s a must

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Apothederm on CarolinaNow

Apothederm Skin Care was on site at CarolinaNow as the answer to a Summer Beauty Woe.  We will post the segment and giveaway link once it airs but were do excited we had to share the news!        

Stretch Mark Cream

Take the 6 Week Apothederm Stretch Mark Challenge

EXTENDED UNTIL 7/31/13. Smoother, firmer skin is only weeks away.  As we prep for bikini, vacation, honeymoon, active outdoor events and just plain old summer fun, let’s get one thing straight, no one likes stretch marks.  They are an irritant for most and people are eager to improve and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  We know when the first of the year comes around we all get inspired to try new things as a form of improving something, whether it be lifestyle, finances, career, health or weight.  Why not be inspired again to do something for yourself and feel

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Company Spotlight: Media Wall

Here is our latest office project, a media wall. We wanted to take the utilitarian  approach and just have fun.  This is the end result and we have 3 areas in the office that have different magazines hanging. We were thinking it would work great in the office for hanging product mentions or also at home or in a child’s room for hanging artwork or photos. Tell us what you think – do you like it?  

Introducing Apothederm Clarifying Toner

We have added a new product to the line-up for Apothederm.  It is something that we have received many requests for and we feel it rounds out the line.  Apothederm Clarfiying Toner gently removes daily residue from oil, dirt and make-up, while refining skin surface texture. Dual peptide action helps defend and restore, while green tea provides antioxidants. Aloe, cucumber and chamomile calm and soothe skin.   Apothederm Clarifying Toner – Available in 6oz size – Use twice daily, apply to cotton square and swipe face and neck. – Suitable for normal, oily, acne-prone skin. $28 at Apothederm Skin Care  Also

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