Topic of the Week: Quick Beauty Fixes – Getting beautiful in no time

Quick Beauty Fixes – Getting beautiful in no time Time is one of our most precious belongings that, due to our jobs, families and households, can sometimes be rare. Besides their duties and obligations, women don’t always find time for an extensive beauty routine. The good news is that there are some quick beauty fixes, making us beautiful in no time. beautypress presents tricks and products. Another type of coffee break Uh-oh… A remote and an empty bag of chips tell us what has happened on the couch the night before… Crime movies can be very compelling! However, when you

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Love The Skin You're In

The Importance of Knowing Your Skin Type

A first and often overlooked component of developing an effective skincare regimen is choosing products that work well with an individual’s skin type. For example, a product designed for people with normal skin – skin that is neither too oily nor dry – is not likely to benefit people with oily, problem skin. This is why it is essential for each individual to know which skin type he/she possesses so that he/she can determine which products will work best. Skin Types  There are basically five different skin types. The manufacturers of skincare products keep this in mind when designing their

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men skin care

Essential Skincare Tips for Men

Several years ago the term “metro-sexual” entered the American lexicon. No one is quite sure how it did but it generally referred to men who took more than a passing interest in their own attire, mannerisms and grooming. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more accepted for men to pay attention to these things without being unfairly labeled. After all, most men want to look their best and there are products out there that will help them achieve that goal. All that is needed is to convince the men who are hold outs that their skincare regimen, for example, should

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At What Age Should You Start an Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen?

At What Age Should You Start an Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen? Irish playwright, novelist, essayist, and poet Oscar Wilde once famously wrote, “Youth is wasted on the young.” For those of us who are into our thirties and beyond we can appreciate more than Millenials the benefits of having healthy, supple skin. Yet, more and more experts are recommending that even people in their twenties and earlier not take for granted youthful wrinkle-free skin. In spite of everything, we are all being moved forward by the relentless march of time and the question remains – how early is too early to

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Skin Care Tips Dermatologists Personally Recommend

No one knows how to care for skin more than those who study it for a living. Dermatologists spend many years studying the skin’s properties, composition, diseases that affect it, etc. Thus, it is only natural that they have invaluable information on how to craft an effective skin care regimen since their routine is supported by scientific knowledge and research. So the question becomes: What methods do dermatologists themselves use to care for their skin? Here are some tips from leading dermatologists in the country on how to care for your skin: Practice facial massages to help fight wrinkles: Items

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Skin Hydration 101

As the temperatures fall, your skin is beginning to come under a gradual assault. Some of us are keenly aware of this attack to the epidermis and have already made preparations to protect the body’s largest and most vulnerable organ. Others of us are oblivious to the struggle even though signs of damage may already be present. Winter is the enemy of supple, smooth skin and now is the time to recognize how its radiance and glow can be diminished by the elements. Here is some information all of you who are concerned with protecting your skin throughout the winter

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Young woman washing face

To Clarify or Not to Clarify

It’s hard to make generalizations when it comes to developing a skin care regimen. After all, different people will have different skin types, different skin conditions, etc. That is why the age-old question of whether or not skin clarifying toners are necessary is a little complicated. The first thing to understanding the question – and therefore arriving at an answer – is to look at exactly what a clarifying toner does. What does a clarifying product do? Clarifying toners are designed to tighten up pores, extract excessive oil from the skin, remove dead skin cells and to clear blemishes. They are

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Are you looking for a stretch mark solution? Peptides can help.

Are you looking for a stretch mark solution? The appearance of old and new stretch marks can improve with skin care products that use peptides. Can you believe that 8 out of every 10 people will get stretch marks?  For those who are looking for a remedy we might have the answer you have been searching for.  Our advice is to try a stretch mark cream with peptides. So what exactly are peptides?  Peptides are chains of two or more amino acids. Naturally occurring in the body and vital to everyday cellular processes, it is the order of the amino

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fall skin care tips

Tips for Fall and Skin Care Awareness Month

Fall skin care regimens are different than what to use during summer months.  September is Skin Care Awareness Month. What does that mean?  It is a month to focus on learning about new tips and tricks in skin care.   Here are daily reminders and tips to help increase your knowledge on skin care and transitioning from summer to fall months. Be gentle with temperature. Always wash face with lukewarm water.  Hot water can dry out your skin and wash away essential oils that keep skin hydrated.  Cold water can lead to irritation and sometimes put capillaries at risk for damage.

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Adult Acne: Causes and Treatments

When most people hear the word “acne” they immediately associate this embarrassing skin condition with teenagers. The simple truth is that it is

New Mom Must Haves for Summer

Are you a new mom? Did you have a baby this spring or winter?  Here are some new mom must haves for looking and feeling your best this summer. Let summer be your best season yet with your baby in tow.  Select items that are on-the-go easy like a pair of pants that stretch and low wedges for good ankle support.  Try a nice lightweight flowing top or even a swim cover up to help dress up an outfit and still stay comfortable in warm weather.  Remember to wear sunscreen and protect lips with a sheer tint lip gloss with

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Gym Germs – Tips for Clearer Skin at the Gym

Here are some healthy tips for your skin to avoid gym germs while at the gym. Make-up:  As a general rule, wearing makeup at the gym is not advisable because your pores open when your body temperature rises. You wouldn’t want bacteria to seep in and cause breakouts.  However, if you insist on glamming up, try waterproof mascara- it can really open up your eyes and won’t interfere with your skin either. Your face will look luminous on its own while you exercise due to the increase of blood circulation. For those who prefer going to the gym at night,

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