Stretch Mark Cream

Take the 6 Week Apothederm Stretch Mark Challenge

Taek the 6 Week ChallengeEXTENDED UNTIL 7/31/13.
Smoother, firmer skin is only weeks away.  As we prep for bikini, vacation, honeymoon, active outdoor events and just plain old summer fun, let’s get one thing straight, no one likes stretch marks.  They are an irritant for most and people are eager to improve and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  We know when the first of the year comes around we all get inspired to try new things as a form of improving something, whether it be lifestyle, finances, career, health or weight.  Why not be inspired again to do something for yourself and feel great this summer in your seasonal outfits.  Take the 6 Week Apothederm Stretch Mark Challenge and inspire yourself to do something for you.

Description of Program:

Buy 1 Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream at, submit 1 BEFORE PHOTO, 1 AFTER PHOTO and a signed photo release form.  Receive 1 complimentary Apothederm Skin Care product (up to $75 regular price).

Take the challenge!


  • Buy the Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream at
  • Sign photo release form – emailed to you.
  • Submit a BEFORE PHOTO of where you are applying the Apothederm Stetch Mark Cream to.  It must be an appropriate area that we can use for marketing purposes.  You will be removed from the program if the photo is viewed as inappropriate.  A BEFORE photo is to be taken before using the Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream.  These photos can be emailed to  We will not do anything with these photos until the 6 Week Apothederm Stretch Mark Challenge is completed.
  • Use the Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream on area where BEFORE PHOTO was taken for 6 weeks.  Use product as indicated on package twice daily.
  • After 6 weeks of use, take an AFTER PHOTO photo of the area that the Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream was applied and where the BEFORE PHOTO was taken.
  • Submit your photo to  Include your name, address and complimentary Apothederm Skin Care product of your choice (up to $75).  In return, once we verify that we have a BEFORE PHOTO, an AFTER PHOTO and a photo release form we will send you your complimentary product.

Photo tips:
Use the same location for both the BEFORE and AFTER photo.  Take photos at the same time of day for lighting purposes.  Use a flash and take the photo close enough so that it is not blurry.  Try to take photo standing in front of a solid color wall, preferably white or light in color.

For questions, please email

Apothederm Skin Care reserves the right to change the program details at any time.  Also limited to stock on hand for complimentary product.  Photos may or may not be used for marketing purposes without names used.  All participants must buy participate before July 31, 213.  Participation includes buying product, emailing before photo and returning photo release form.