Topic of the Week: Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

More gifts ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day from BeautyPress.

Happy Mothers Day

Not only is she governess, protector and comforter: a mother is a real super heroine! In May, we finally get the chance to say THANK YOU to the most important woman in our lives. Nevertheless, finding the perfect mother’s day gift can become quite a challenge…

Hence, beautypress features a selection of the most beautiful gift ideas.

The mother of mother’s days
The mother goddess Rhea was already honored in the ancient Greece. Our modern custom of mother’s day goes back to the US American Anna Marie Jarvis, who in 1907, organized a Memorial Mother’s Day Meeting on her mother’s second day of death. In 1914, mother’s day became a national holiday. This movement experienced success all around the globe; hence, the idea of an official mother’s day was gradually borrowed in the single countries.

Great Fragrances for Amazing Moms
A luscious scent is still one of the classic gifts for mother’s day; and especially in spring, many captivating perfumes enter the market that perfectly fit to spring and summer! The flacons themselves can already be seen as a gift; but we always have to be sure about which scents our mother’s will like and, what is more, if the fragrance fits her personality.

Treasures for the Skin
With the similar attention with which mothers take care of their children, they should also take care of their own skin; and with an effective facial care, we can encourage them to give their skin that kind of special attention. With an increasing age, it starts losing its tightness, elasticity and density of the skin. However, the selection of effective, versatile and exclusive ingredients has never been wider than now and almost serves each need of care! Thanks to their attractive designs such as elegant glass jars or premium glass ampules, the products themselves become treasures and the ideal gift for mother’s day!

All in One for the One
When looking at all the great beauty products, it can be hard to find the right one. A good way to solve this issue is a complete gift set, consisting of different cosmetic products, that can either be compiled on one’s own (or with the help of a competent counselor) or you can buy one that is already offered by many brands in a nice wrapping. This way, the gift can consist of bath accessories, tea, candles, peeling, masks, lotions, and a CD with relaxation music to create the perfect atmosphere in the home spa as well as a box of chocolates that complete the wellness set! Likewise, the arrangement of color matching products is a great idea – accompanied by a flower bouquet that matches the color.

…because she deserves it
There is no question: a wellness weekend does you well and makes you beautiful. However, we often don’t have the time needed to take the relaxing timeout. Mother’s day, in particular, provides the ideal opportunity for a wellness visit at the beauty parlor, including manicure, massage, and professional makeup. Both mother and daughter can embrace this appointment to spend a relaxing women’s day together!


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