Trend Tracking: Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2013

As we begin to experience the warmer weather of summer, many of us look for that little something that will freshen up our look for the new season. Nail polish is an easy, low-commitment update that anyone can do. To freshen up your look for the coming months, check out these nail polish trends for summer 2013 and get to painting!

Trend #1: Natural Nails
Think beiges, nudes, peaches, and light pinks. Anything that looks natural and subtle on the nails. The most wearable of the summer 2013 trends, these colors are great because they go with every outfit and they add sophistication to an outfit.

Trend #2: Metallics
Anything metallic goes, but especially metal colors and blues. Metallic turquoise and aqua were seen on the runways, as well as beautiful gold and silver shades. Metallics can work as neutrals and go with any outfit as long as the metallic color, such as a metallic grey or silver, is close to a neutral.

Trend #3: Reinvented French Manicures
Nails painted entirely white are trendy. As said by, “Look at is as a French manicure extended.” Nails painted with a colorful French manicure were also seen on the runway, as well as those with colorful “moon” manicures. These have the colored tip of a French manicure, but it extends to almost the bottom of the nail, leaving a semi-circle of bare nail. Nails painted in a similar way but with a triangular section of bare nail at the base were also popular.

Trend #4: Shades of Blue
Just like in our previous post about spring 2013 makeup trends, this summer favors shades of blue. Pick any shade of blue, bonus points if it’s also metallic, and paint your nails and toes. Blue continues to be a popular beauty trend!

Trend #5: Brights
Oranges, bold yellows, reds, bright blues, vibrant greens… anything goes with brights. Pick a bold color and make a statement with bright nails. The contrast with your skin will be striking, especially if you have a tan.

Trend #6: Embellishments and Nail Art
Stick on gems, sparkles, stripes, plaids, geometric shapes, color blocking, pretty much anything goes for what nail art designs you can make, or what you can stick on to your nails. Match them to your outfit, or create a glam contrast for a bold, Pinterest-worthy look.

So pick out your favorite trends and give them a go. You never know, you might find a new favorite way to wear nail polish!