Vacation Packing Checklist

Every year, we can’t wait to go on vacation. However, packing is not as much fun. Most of us also forget one or two important things for the trip – which is bad because we really want to look our best abroad! Use this packing checklist for your beauty products, check them off – and make sure not to forget anything!
Facial moisturizer with UV protection · Cleanser ·Moisturizing face cream · Anti-aging facial serum · Eye Cream

Sun Care
Sunscreen · After-Sun Care

Foundation etc. · Face powder · Concealer · Blush · Mascara, Eyeliner, kohl, eye shadow · Lip balm · Lipstick · Lipgloss

Hair Care
Shampoo with sun protection · Spray for sun protection · Cream for sun protection · Conditioner Styling · Mousse (foam), lotion, styling gel, wax, anti-frizz · Hairspray · Styling tools

Body Care
Lotion, Gel Self-tanner · Lotion, Fluid, Spray · Shower gel · Shaver · Perfume ·   Deodorant · Nail file and clippers · Antacid · Pain reliever

Oral hygiene
Toothbrush · Toothpaste · Floss · Mouthwash

Most of the items above can be put in smaller containers for travelling.  Take what you need and leave at home what you don’t.  Also when travelling for longer than a weekend, it does make a difference on how many items you will want to bring with you.

For unique tips on packing here is a post about tips for packing, by Laura Trevey.

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