Valentines Day – Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we put together our favorite gifts for her to celebrate with the woman in your life.  Treat her to something special and thoughtful to let her know how much she means to you.

Give her the traditional gift of flowers.

Flowers are a traditional option for the Valentine’s Day.  Switch it up and try a different arrangement instead of roses.  Roses are beautiful but honestly they are overpriced this time of year.  Treat her to a bouquet from your local market or select a bouquet for delivery from one of out favorite flower companies, Farm Girl Flowers based in San Francisco but ships nationally.  One of our favorite bouquets is the Big Love Burlap Wrapped Bouquet.

Give her something sweet.

Chocolates are another traditional gift for Valentines Day.  But instead of going to the grocery store and grabbing a Russell Stover heart, go local or order some amazing chocolates online ( from a chocolatier.  There are many locals chocolate stores that are small businesses that make decadent chocolate.  Some of our favorite’s chocolates are Fran’s Chocolates and Hudson Valley Chocolates  that are both recommended in this article from Food and Wine.

Every day gifts for her.

Every woman loves skin care and uses it daily. Treat her to a skin care line the she loves or introduce her to a new one.  Here are our favorites for normal to dry skin and normal to oily skin. Show her you pay attention to what is important to her and appreciate her wanting to look her best.

Treat her to dinner out.

Give each of you the night off from cooking and go out.  Visit your favorite restaurant or go to where you had your first dinner date.  Make it fun or romantic but treat her and yourself to time together.

Enjoy time together.

Surprise her with a weekend away.  Travel locally and book a room downtown in your nearest city.  Plan on an outing or two to attend while you are there and spend time together.  With the demands of every getting us bogged down, we tend to forget about what is important in a relationship.  We often can take things for granted an by spending a special weekend away you can rekindle your romance and focus entirely on each other with out all the commitments of our calendars.

Surprise her with jewelry.

We are into Living with Landyn’s lifestyle website and she offers a small selection of jewelry if you can get your hands on it.  We fell in love with her circle pendant that she has made from Italian gold at her jewelers and then sells it to her fans.  If you have a wife or girlfriend who follows her then we know she will be thrilled.  If you can’t get one from her site, then here is another option from Vrai and Oro.

Now it is time to shop for gifts for her.  What did you end up buying?  Share below your favorite gift ideas for her for Valentines Day below.

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