Week 1 – Avoid Personal Vices

Week 1, 52 week challenge

Week 1 of our 52 Week Challenge suggests trying to avoid personal vices.

What does this mean?
We all have vices.  A vice is defined in the dictionary as, “a bad habit”.  In life we develop a lot of habits that after thinking about them could be viewed a bad or something that we could avoid in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle.  But some habits are not perceived as negative but just as something that takes up time, uses too much money or would be better if not done regularly.  The great thing about vices is that they are different for everyone.  Your neighbor has one habit, but your coworker has another.

Why would we choose this as a challenge?
We chose this as a challenge because we recognize that we have some vices in our lives.  They vary and by avoiding them for one week could be a challenge.  Some of our habits revolve around drinking too much soda pop or coffee each day.  Others may drive too fast, shop or check their phone too often.  There are some that stay up too late or watch too much television.  Remember it is not anyone’s place but your own to determine what your vice is.

What are suggestions on how to work towards this challenge this week?

  • Are trying to avoid coffee or soda, swap it out for water and infuse it with lemon, berries or watermelon.
  • Are you trying to cut back on smoking or kick the habit altogether?  Try chewing a nicotine gum or using a patch.  Another tip is figuring out when you go out to smoke.  If you go out in the morning, then take a shower first and change your habits.
  • Are you working on looking at your phone less during the day?  Sometimes when we step backwards and look at how attached we are to our device and phones it can be surprising.  Put your device in your jacket, purse or drawer at work.  Out of sight can lead to out of mind.
  • Are you staying up too late or getting up too late in the morning?  Check how much caffeine you are drinking to make sure that is not one reason you are staying up later.  If it is then stop drinking caffeine earlier and switch to water.  It may help with your body realizing it is time for bed.  Make sure you keep your room dark and keep your TV turned off and phone silenced to avoid distractions.  Your body will soon start adjusting and hopefully you will fall asleep earlier.  Once this happens it should help with getting up earlier.  We just heard of another tip for getting up on time, move your alarm clock so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

The 52 Week Challenge are just suggestions on how to challenge yourself.  We are participating and we hope you will too.  Share your story here or on our Facebook page.


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