Winter Skin Tips

Whether you are enjoying a stroll in the park, snow skiing all day or just walking from the car to the store, winter can wreak havoc on skin.  A quick fix to help with dry, sensitive skin is to modify your daily regimen.  By tweaking a few things, your skin will be thankful.

Each season can take a different toll on skin and cause you to change up your daily skin care plan.  Winter can dry skin out with the drop in temperatures and make it scream for moisture.  Replenish dry, flaky tight skin with moisturizers both day and night.  If you only moisturize day or night, you may need to add another step to be applying moisturizer to skin twice daily.  If your current moisturizer is not providing enough hydration, try adding a few drops of your favorite serum or squalane to it.  Just add a small amount of moisturizer in your hand and apply a couple of drops of serum and then blend together before applying to face.  This is a great way to enhance your current cream and perfect bonus to skin for night time hydration.

If your skin is flushed from being active outside or being the elements, make sure to address issue sooner that later.  Red, flushed skin can be extremely sensitive and long access to cold weather can increase sensitivity.  A soap-free or milky cleanser can be very comforting to soothe skin.  Skin may feel cold from being outside and have the urge to be warmed after coming inside but do not use scalding water.  Hot water can dry out skin which results in chapped and tight feeling skin.


For winter dry skin try Apothederm Skin Care System, it includes four moisturizing products that are great dry skin all year round or even for normal to combination skin that dries out during winter months. Winter may be here awhile and your skin will thank you if you remember to take care of it.


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