Stretch Mark

A better solution to stretch marks? Try the Power of Peptides!

Stretch marks can be trouble some and leave clients searching for a remedy.  Our advice is to try a stretch mark cream with peptides.

StretchMarkProd3-295x400Many people know in general what peptides are, but can you explain them to clients in terms they can understand? Peptides are chains of two or more amino acids. Naturally occurring in the body and vital to everyday cellular processes, it is the order of the amino acid chain that creates different results or responses in the skin. Peptides can target a specific skin concern like loss of elasticity or firmness that results from aging and sun damage. They can also help with the unevenness of skin tone that can appear as darkened areas or rough patches of skin.

Peptides that help to build collagen or restore elasticity to skin can also help with reducing the appearance of stretch marks or scars. It is important to look at the color of the scars and stretch marks and inform the client that red or purple stretch marks can be lightened and also the ridges that appear from stretch marks can be reduced with products using specific peptides. Older, silver stretch marks and scars can also benefit from using products with peptides.

During a massage, products with peptides can be used in treatments in a variety of ways. Peptide creams can be incorporated into the treatment while massaging areas of concern and applied as a booster. They can also be used as an after treatment product to help enhance the areas that were massaged artfully for reduction of the appearance of stretch marks or scars.  There are clients who request anti stretch mark treatments when scheduling, this a way to help them achieve some improvement during their visit.

Whether the client is looking for firmer skin or lightening darker areas of hyperpigmentation, peptides can provide that initial surge of interest for the client while in the treatment room. Peptides will not show their results immediately, but over time stretch marks and scars can lighten and start to smooth when using products with specific peptides.

Peptides can be found in many products, including Apothederm™ skin care products which use patented SmartPeptide™ technology. Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream can be used as a finishing touch for a signature treatment or used during massage to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. In a clinical study, Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream users saw results as early as 2 weeks (data on file). Increase your revenue and client outcomes by incorporating this product or similar creams into at home regimens between massage appointments.

Knowing what peptides are and how they work is key to answering questions your clients have about products that use them and if they will work for them. Building credibility with your client will only help your business grow in returns and referrals.

Reprint from Massage Magazine Online Edition – March 2012