Argan Oil: More than Just a Hair Care Ingredient

As an ingredient in beauty products, Argan oil is becoming more and more common for its role in helping to nourish the hair and keeping it from drying out. Dry hair has no sheen and is frizzy, lifeless and dull. No one wants dry hair. However, what many people are beginning to discover is that Argan oil’s benefits extend beyond simply protecting your hair from the frizzes. This natural oil – which is produced from the nut of the Argan tree, in Southwestern Morocco – is not referred to as “liquid gold” for nothing.


The Benefits Of Argan Oil


Argan oil contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals all of which promote beauty by moisturizing and softening the skin and hair and protecting them from sun damage, free radicals, etc. As a result of this, Argan oil is now being added to many non-hair care beauty products for its hydrating properties. Here are some other uses for Argan oil and why it is known in Morocco as having come from “the tree of life.”


5 Uses for Organic Argan Oil


  • Face moisturizer: Argan oil is considered to be“dry oil” and as such, it is not greasy and will not leave the skin feeling oily. Simply massage a few drops into your face and neck.
  • Hydrating toner: A few drops of Argan oil added to your toner can increase its hydration factor considerably. You can also use our anti-aging eye cream to protect the sensitive skin in that area of the face.
  • Exfoliating lip scrub and moisturizer: To exfoliate and moisturize your lips, add a few drops of Argan oil and vanilla extract along with our exfoliating body scrub. Massage this mixture onto the lips and other parts of the face to remove dead, damaged skin cells.
  • Cuticle and heel softener: Do you have dry heels and brittle cuticles? Try rubbing a few drops of Argan oil onto your cuticles in order to soften and moisturize your nails. This will also encourage growth. Finally, massage a few drops onto cracked heels to help soothe your heels and toes. Leave on overnight in order to wake up with soft, smooth feet.
  • Body and bath oil: Added to your favorite bath or body lotion, a few drops of Argan oil can help moisturize your entire body.

Argan Oil

It is said that it takes one Berber woman three days to make just one liter of Argan oil. These women appreciate the value of this natural, skin protectant as they have extracted it from the Argan tree for generations. Our Argan oil treatment is pure and can naturally protect nails and cuticles, chapped lips, elbows, and heels. We are sure you will appreciate its quality and multi-functional uses.

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